Chapter Nine

Becky was walking towards the keg, when she felt two hands grab her around her waist. She resisted the Sudden disire to kick the person in the balls. "Who ever this is, get off me" She snarled.The voice laughed. She reconnized that voice. Bracken. Her ex. She spun around. "Bracken! what are you doing here?" She exclaimed. "Shane invited me. I assume that the same is with you. I mean, unless you came without being invited." He smirked. Becky sighed. God. Not Bracken. "Well that's whatever, but what do you want?I was kind of busy." Bracken tried to look hurt. "I thought we could maybe talk. You know, catch up on old times." Becky shook her head. She could'nt believe he was pulling this shit again. Her and Bracken had been together last year. It was over. Could'nt he just expect that? "I don't think so. Did'nt I make it clear to you that I did'nt ever want to get back together with you? Can't you take a damn hint? " She trailed off and shook her head, a line frown on her face. "Look Bracken, your gonna get nothing from me, so fuck off. Forever." She left and headed for the pool. "Bitch." Bracken mummbled. "I'll show her" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Come on baby, go down on me." Shane said, breathing into Crystal's ear.His hot breath tickled .Shane was trying this again. Crystal suddenly pushed Shane off her and sat back on the bed. "I can't. " She said. "Huh? Why not?" Shane said. Shane was really turned on. He wanted more. He was not about to give up now. "I just can't. Don't pressure me Shane. Crystal looked at Shane. Her eyes wondered down to his chest. His musules quivered with his heavy breathing and little beads of sweat stuck to his fourhead. He looked hotter then ever. Crystal was so attracted to him. She got horny even just looking at him. He did want him. Why did'nt she blow him? Maybe she did'nt want too. Maybe she was scared.She just would'nt. "Baby, please I'm hurting." "Don't use that bull on me, Shane. " Crystal said. "I know that's not true." Shane sighed and laid down on the bed. "Crystal! your always doing this! you always lead me on...and then you jsut stop. " Crystal looked as if she was about to say something, then looked away, pulling her kness in to her chest, she was silent. "I don't lead you on." She said 'Fuck Crystal! yes you do! " He sat up and looked straight at her. "If your gonna lead me on....keep going okay? just don't stop.And if you don't want to do something tell me okay? but just don't lead me on. I mean, fuck, it really sucks okay! " He was quiet for a moument."What is it your afraid of?" She shrugged. "All i know is that , right now, I don't feel comfortable blowing you. It just sounds like kind of a weird thing to do you know?" Shane shook his head. "Sure Crystal. Whatever. I gotta go." He looked around on the floor for his shirt . He found it, slipping it over his head, he headed out the door. "Shane, please don't leave" Shane did'nt answer as he slammed it behind him. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I have an idea!" Theresa said to Becky. Yeah?" Becky said. She really did'nt want to talk to Theresa. But she really did'nt know that the meaning of a hint was. She could'nt seen top get it to her head that Becky did'nt want to talk yo her. Or really did'nt like her for that matter. "Lets play truth or dare!" Becky was quick to agree. Anyhing to emmabrras Theresa agreed with her. "Sure that sounds cool!" Becky said. "Hold on and I'll go get a few more people." While Becky was getting more players, Theresa started talking to Taylor. 'Hey , Taylor right? " He nodded. "You and Becky been goin out long?" "About five months." "Cool.. So, what kind of music do you like?" "Um....Rock I guess. You know, what ever's on the radio. " "Cool." There was a thick silence. "Great party huh?" Theresa asked. "Yeah, Shane always knows how to throw a party." Taylor said. Tahank the god, Becky appered right then. "Hey guys!I found some more people. Having a little chitchat?" She asked, shooting a look to Theresa. She just smiled. "Me and Taylor were just talking about music." "How cute. Well I brought Matt, Bracken, Crystal, Shane and Some new girl named Suzi. And I found Anstasia." "Cool. Lets begin." Theresa said, sounding so confident it made Becky shudder. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "So, truth or dare Taylor?" Theresa asked, taking a side ways glance at Becky. She knew she was pushing it with Taylor. She knew Becky was getting mad. She was'nt doing anything wrong thought ,right? All she was doing was flirting. "Um...." Taylor looked trapped. He looked at Becky, who mouthed "truth". "Truth." "Truth huh?" Theresa and Anastasia shared a little whisper session then it was, "Have you ever been blown?" Taylor closed his eyes. Bracken snickered. He did'nt answer, "Well?" Anastasia said. "No. I never have, Theresa." Theresa smiled. "Good. Now it's your turn." Taylor was about to say something when Becky cut in. "Theresa, since when have you been so into truth or dare?" "Since Taylor" "What in the hell is that sopposed to mean?" "Nothing" Theresa snickered. Becky gave her a look or pure hatred. "Don't try it Theresa. Don't even try it.I swear, if you do, you'll be sorry you ever did. He's my guy. " "What in the hell are you guys talking about?" Shane asked, asked tottaly confused. "It' s nothing "Becky mummbled, still looking at Theresa. Theresa smiled and chirped, "So, Taylor your turn!" Taylor sighed. He hated this game. 'Um.....Anastasia?" He looked at her. "Yep?" "Um....can i pass this to Becky?" "If you want." Anstasia answered. "Okay I pass it to you Becky" Becky thought a moument. "Okay Anastasia, you can either suck Matt's dick, or eat out your good old freiend Theresa here." Becky smiled. A cold smile. She wanted her to back out and leave. " So ,what will it be?" Taylor looked like he was about to crack up. Crystal just looked bored. Something else was on her mind. She kelp sneaking looks at Shane, hoping he would look back .He did'nt. Matt looked slighty smug. Suzi, Bracken and Theresa just looked surprized at Beckys boldness. "That's not fair!" Anastasia managed to say. "It's not fair? It in what way is it not fair?" Becky asked. Matt was about to say something, but Becky shut him up with a look. "Um.....okay I'll do it" Anstasia tried to look smug. But inside she was screaming.Theresa started laughing. starting Suzi and Bracken along with her. "Go Stasha!yeah!" Theresa cheered. Becky looked at Matt and pointed to the lawn chair. Matt sat up and went over to Becky. "Becky!" he hissed. "I don't want to be sucked off by her! she's a freak!" SHHH!" Becky hissed back. "Please Matt, I want to show her something .I want to see her suffer. I want to see her really, really embarassed. Please?" Matt shook his head, "I don't like this Becky. I really don't. But hey this might be fun." he said, cheering him self up. "There! now go over there and lay on that lawn chair" she instructed, shoving him down on the lawn chair. She winked and went back over ,and sat next to Taylor. Anastasia gave Becky a look that could kill ,as she headed towards the lawn chair. Everyone watched and tried to keep back laughing as Anastasia started giving Matt a hand job to get him hard. Matt put his head back and pretended to be in total bliss as Anastasia went at it. Anastasia looked at Theresa for silent help. Theresa shrugged her shoulders and giggled really nervously. Becky could see Matt and Anastasia having some sort of conversation. This made her mad. Just like Anastasia. Try to put it off. Little wuss. "Come on wuss! get it on! start sucking!" Becky saw Anastasia take a deep breath before unzipping Matts pants. She just stood threre staring at it in shock, while Matt tried not to laugh. 'Oh jeez!!" Becky sighed, she buried her head in Taylors chest. "This is absurd. She's like so tottaly slalling." "Well, Becky I mean she has never done anything like this before. I'm really surprized shes actually doing it at all." Crystal spoke up with. They all looked at Anastasia, who,as amazing as it was, was actually sucking Matts dick. Really sucking it. Becky was only slightly surprized. "Wow. I give applause." Was all Becky said. "Yeah." was all everyone else said. _________________________________________________________


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