Chapter Ten

________________________________________________________________________________ ~Later that night~ 'Shh! Crystal! shut the fuck up! were gonna get caught!" Becky hissed, as she tiptoed across the lawn, being careful not to knock over a flower pot. "Beck, your so paranoid. I can't believe I'm actually sneaking in." calm. "Look, just be quiet and follow me!" Becky said, grabbing Crystal 's arm and running, quietly, towards the house. Crystal and Becky had just left Shanes Party. They were now trying to get into Becky's house. Without being caught. They quietly went over to her window and pushed. As they silently crawled through the window, Becky wondered. Was'nt there something wrong here? ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ~Next day~ Kalie walked down the hall whistling. She was slap happy. Feeling slap happy today. Zac had chose her! He hated Andie! he had chose her! She walked down the hall to the bathroom. She waked in and started brushing her teeth. Today she had a date with Zac. She knew they were gonna have a blast. Like they always did. She smiled to herself and driued her face with a towal. After Kalie was done taking a shower and getting dressed, she headed back out into the hall to get her shoes. She had plans to go meet her friends Theresa and Anastasia for a movie. She had invited Zac, bu he had said "he needed time to think". She was cool with that. She was just so happy anyways. As she walked down the hall the phone rang. She picked it up on the second ring. "Hello?" She chirped. Nothing could steal her happiness. Nothing. "Hi. Kalie?" "Yeah! hey Zac! how you doing? what's up?" She smiled. his voice made her happy. 'Kalie, I have to tell you something" "What?" "I want to be with Andie." __________________________________________________________________________________________ "Whare is she?" Theresa wined, checking her watch once more and rolling her eyes."if she dos'nt come soon the movie is gonna start without her." Anastasia sat down and sighed. She seemed to not even be listening to Theresa. "I still can't believe i did that" Theresa laughed, sensing that was what she was thinking about. "Are you still talking about that!? god Anastasia! chill out it was just a dare!" Anastasia had been talking about that incident and the party, for the last 24 hours. Nonstop. it was getting annoying. I just can't beleive I actually sucked a guys dick!" Anastasia almost yelled, trowing her hands up in the air. "Ana! SHHH! people are gonna hear you!" After a while Anastasia calmed down and they got ot talking about Kalie . again. "Where is she?" Anastasia demanded. "She's usually not one to be late'" "Well, we will just wait until she comes." ____________________________________________________________________________________________ These two were desined to be together. Zac was shoved back on the couch as Andie scrambled to take his shirt off. She had her boby strattled in his, and could feel his dick, poking into her thigh. Hard as a rock. "God girl! chill!" Zac said, taking his own shirt off "Just a little horny today?" He teased, kissing her and grabbing her breasts. Andie smiled. "Oh hell yeah." They continued kissing as there kisses started getting deeper. Andies shirt was now off. Her bra in the process. Andie put her head back and tried to stiffle a moan as Zac took off her bra and started sucking on her breasts. He gently sucked then as his tounge tickled her delicate nipples. Andie was breathing hard. She was getting really turned on. She wanted more. She let him stay at that for a while , but then it became too much for her to handle. "Zac, drop your pants!" She gasped, shoving him off her and on to his back. Zac was taken by surprize. "Huh? " She did'nt wait for him to answer. Unzipped his pants, and pulled down his boxers. She pulled dick out, and put her head down. "Oh my god...' Zac mummbled. He closed his eyes as she started going down on him. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Tears streamed down Kalies face as she dailed Theresas number. She was calling to cancel. She hopped Threresa had'nt left for the movie yet. "Hello?" "Theresa?" "No. this is her brother. Shes not here right now. Whos this?" "Kalie. did she leave for the movie yet?" "Um, yeah." "Okay" Kalie slowly hung up the phone. She leaned againest the wall. She started crying harder. What had she done? Had'nt he liked her? Had'nt she given him everything? Her body slowlty sank to the floor. She sat here, sobbing, all her heart felt like it had been taken away from her. All her life. What she lived for. She had loved Zac. Or at least she had thought she did. He did'nt think the same though. No. not about her. Who was she to him? A toy? She ran her hands through her hair. She pressed her palms againest her eyes. Black mascara. Her mascara had run. She did'nt care. She did'nt care about anything anymore. The only thing she cared about was gone now. She had nothing left. Nothing. She slowly got up and walked into the bathroom. She had to get ready to go meet Theresa and Anastasia. She would'nt want then to worry. __________________________________________________________________________________________ "Kalie ! hey! where have you been!" Theresa demanded. "We were starting to worry" Kailie smiled. A fake one. "Um, I have to tell you something." "What is it?" Anastasia asked."The movie started five minutes ago!" "Can we maybe skip the movie? I have to talk to you guys. In private." Kalie could'nt help it. She started crying. "Kalie what's wrong?" Anastasia said, rushing up to her and hugging her. Theresa ddi the same. "I have to tell you in private." "Okay. Lets go in that bathroom. " They walked into the girl's bathroom. It was a fairly large bathroom. No one else in there. Kalie went over to the counter and sat on it. She buried her head in her hands and cried, Theresa looked at Anastasia. She shrugged and sighed. "Kalie? tell us what happened" Anastaisa said, sitting down next to her. She looked up at Anastaisa and said, "He went back with Andie." It took Anastasia a moument to register. "What?" She was shocked. So was THeresa. "He cheated on you?! that piece of scum! did he cheat on you with Andie?" "I don't know, I just know that he called me today nad he just says ' Kalie,I want to be with Andie' just like that. Nothing else. He aboligised, but what was I sopposed to say? 'sure! no problum! lets be freinds!'? " Kalie looked desperate. She wanted a answer. "Oh Kalie.." Anastasia hugged her. "It will be alright. I know you loved him and all, but you know what?' "What?" Kalie answered. "As hard as this might sound now, and no matter how much you might not beleive it, it was for the best. " Kalie shock her head. "I loved him. " "I know." Anastaisa said. "But you know waht? as stupid as this sounds, maybe it was gods way you know?" Kalie looked at her. "huh??" "Maybe it was gods way of showing you that you two are not really ment to be. Maybe it was his way of telling you that you two are not ment for eachother." Anastasia said. Kalie did'nt say anything. But she thought about what Anastasia had said. Was she right? There was really not much more to say after that.Alot to think about though. AS they sat in that vacant bathroom, silent and so full of sadness. she reliased something. Maybe she had loved Zac. Or maybe she had'nt . Maybe she had lusted for him.She now realised just how much could be risked in only one moment of lust. How one act of passion could ruin so much. Maybe she had wanted him. Or maybe it was all just a joke. She did'nt know what she wanted or who she loved. As she smoothed her hair from her face and stored in the miror at her self she saw something she had'nt seen in a long time. Herself. The part of he that never showed. The sad part. THe confused part. The empty part. Kalie had thought she knew what love was. Now maybe she did'nt. Maybe she never knew. Maybe it was all a joke. THeresa spoke up . "Kalie?" "Yeah?" She answered softly. "Love is hard, huh?" She half smiled. Kalie smiled back. "Yeah, but why does it have to hurt?" She wispered,as she buried her head in her own arms, resting on her knees, she cried as she never had before. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

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