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Fuzzy's gif links

Well here are the links to some really great animated gif sites. I hope to add more to this list as time goes by so stop back often and check them out.

If anyone knows of a site that I should add to this list or if a link isn't working please feel free to email me with the info....Thanks, Fuzzy

The Animated Gif Links

Jelane's Web Graphics Leslie's Place
Tru Realities Animated Gifs Draac's
Gif Animation Site Gif Animation Station
Net-Users Animated Gifs Ruddi's Animated Gifs
Animated Gif Index Barry's Clip Art Server
Gif Worlds List of Gifs Gif Animation Gallery
SSA's Animation Gallery Fairy Suryana's Gifs
Badger's Animated Gifs Dr. Fun's Animated Gifs
Webmaster's Gifs Wagontrain's Animated Gifs
Dee Dee's Animated Gifs Rose's Animated Gifs
MMMM's Gifs Kitty's Animated Gifs

Search Lycos for pictures of your own.

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