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Welcome to my Mpeg links page. I have included direct links to Mpegs, links to Mpeg sites, and search engines for your use...I hope that you find my site informative and enjoy using it.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me find all these links, but I would especially like to thank "Jamie" for her input and help on this page...


Direct Links to Mpegs

A Great "Back to the Future" animation (WITH SOUND)
A Great 3-D Animation
Fly over some "Martian" terrain
A Great "claymation" scene
A View from the Surface of Europa
Fusion Film's Sports montage
A view of Mars throught the Hubble Space Telescope
A NASA space animation
A very nice animated space ship
Orbit the Earth
Watch a flight simulator at work
Fly through the Golden Gate Bridge
Another great fligh simulation
Watch the Space Shuttle lift off
A neat 3D animation
Or go skiing (has sound but is of poor quality)
A Cool Flower Animation

Mpeg Sites

Mpeg Movie Archive
Cornell University Animations
Index of /ivan/mpeg
Index of /movies
Mpeg.Org (A VERY LARGE Collection)
NASA Video Gallery
Some Great Mpeg Examples
Index of /movies/morph
Jesse's List of Movie Sites

All you need to do is click on "Go Get It"/"Submit" to search for mpegs. Or you can enter a value of your own to search for something else.

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