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Merlin's Agility Pictures!

MACH ATCH NATCH CH Show Me Howe to Highland Fling, RA, AJP, AXP, S-EJC, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, HP-N, NADAC Elite Versatility AWARD, DNA-CP

Merlin's NATCH Chances Q from 6/26/10 - his 9th Birthday!

Thanks so much to Three Pines for the wonderful video of our NATCH run.

Photo by Angie Atkinson
Merlin's wonderful NATCH photo
with Judge Randy Hand.

Photo by Nina's
Merlin showing off his jumping form
during his MACH run on 3/5/11!

Photo by Nina's
I LOVE this tunnel picture!

Photo by Nina's
And this pretty table picture!

Photo by Nina's
Merlin smiles at Jeni in the audience at Elma!

Photo by Joe Camp
Merlin doing weave poles!

Photo by Nina's
Tunnels are FUN!

Photo by Creative Indulgence
Handsome boy!

Photo by Joe Camp
Hoop time!

Photo by Nina's
Run fast!

Photo by Creative Indulgence
Merlin pushing the teeter at the Seattle KC trial, March 2005.

Photo by Nina's
Another nice tunnel picture.

Photo by Creative Indulgence
I love this A-frame picture from the Beardie trial in July 2004.

Photo by Creative Indulgence
Pushing through the chute!

Photo by Petscapes Photography
A neat tire picture! Look at that focus!

Photo by Creative Indulgence
More weave poles!

Photo by Agility Images
Trialing in the rain! See the water fly on the dog walk.

Photo by Rocky Joshee
Waiting on the table.

Photo by Rocky Joshee
Tight turn!

Photo by Infinite Exposures

Watch for Merlin competing in both AKC and NADAC/ASCA agility trials! For more information, or for a stud packet, please feel free to email me.

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