Welcome to the ULTIMATE! Updated on August 23rd, sort of. Let's see, I am working on a little something with Andrew Dabb, called RATS. I set up the official web page for it (still under construction) here .

Love is dead (no really it is), the editor didnt like my art, and I quit. I figured it could be better handled by a "real" artist. Know anyone who can draw like MichaelAngelo paints, then drop me an e-mail. What else, not much is new. Oh yeah, I got a day job to help pay the bills, at a screen printing joint. Post Industrial Press. Oh Yeah!


This site is dedicated to the industry minded, and will showcase not only my art, but every aspect that goes into makng a comic book. In the newly updated Links area, you will find everything you might ever need online regarding comics and the creation of them.

I will also display art and news from work of mine that is soon to see print. One such project, entitled Charon is due to be published this year by Arch-Type Press. A very talented pack of guys, with a great web page.

And still in the works, an update to the Murder Show Productions page, my personal publishing imprint. Forget what I said about that anthology book I wanted to publish. I had my boy Joe buzzin' in my ear about it, and Andrew Dabb also gave me some tips, which convinced me an anthology probably isn't what I should do right now. I will concentrate on more personal stuff, and hope to get some of it up here soon. I just can't seem to get the MSP logo to load and look good. Bah to the net!

I finally got something going for this campfire story thing (Thanks Edie). I tried to come up with a cool name for it, but just said to hell with it, and called it what it is. Hype a Fiction. Go check it out here. Also, Constantinos, my writer pal wrote a great mission statement about the web, IRC and people who are retarted. Go read it here, it will change how you think about this shit.

Well it is done. My exclusive interview with John Bryne is posted on the SoapBox page. I know you can't wait to go here and see how it went.


Get at me Dog!

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