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Welcome. I TRADE DOCTOR WHO VIDEOS with many people. GOOD NEWS I UPDATED THIS for JAN 2006 so email me the email is at bottom

We also BUY TRADE Fan Made Dr.Who videos and can point you to some local web-sites who also make and Sale Dr.Who Fan Made story videos. EMAIL me for what i would like to buy or trade and if you have something to sale or need to BUY

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Want to know about the newDoctor Who show That could air in America?!!not updated

CLICK HERE YES GO HERE PLEASE Because here I have my LIST of shows I have of Dr.WHO on tape and DVD and the shows I would like to get by Trading or Buying from people- I KNOW I just updated it-SO JUST EMAIL ME my want list. Look for the NEW Dr.WHO on here also. And perhaps the cartoon. I have new DVDs also.

Go Here to see the actors who played Dr.Who and learn more-updates soon, and new ARTwork and scans will be up soon

Click here to learn about K-9 The Doctors Robot Dog who had his own Pilot show no updates

GO HERE to get back to my Charmed page

Tomkats Picture Guide

to the Entire CHarmed Show and other WB shows plus Dr.Who and sci-fi shows and merchandise on sale This is my site about the USA WB show
Plus SmallVille is on here
Buffy and many more Warner Brothers things and more sci-fi items for sale CLICK enter and check it out THANKS!I trade THE FLASH, Dr.WHO, Jake 2.0, Birds Prey, Trek, StarGate. Angel, things like that.