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The USSAB Rag Blue Chicken Award

for Close-Mindedness.


Eat your heart out Grammys! This is one award you don't want to win!

Do you know someone who thinks literary works should be removed from schools because of their content? Do you know a website which encourages any sort of literary censorship? Have you long wanted to fill that empty hole on someone else's website?

If you answered yes to any of these questions... nominate that site for The USABB Rag Blue Chicken Award for Close-Mindedness.

Once you nominate them, they will receive a warning message giving them a chance to change there stance on censorship before their nomination is official.

And, please remember that the award is serious so don't just nominate anyone. We will look at the site before sending the message. (Unfortunately, we cannot just nominate anyone , they must be censorship-related.)

May 1st

That's the special day!

So get those nominations in!

To nominate somebody (a group or single person) make sure that you have:

their name and their site URL (if they have one),

what they do,

your name (will be kept confidential) ,

your e-mail address,

their e-mail address.

Then click on the chicken below.

If this information is not included, your message will be ignored.


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