Further Decisions and Policies from the Council will be posted as they are made with the most recent added to the top of the list below:

May 12 2010 - New Structure for the Council

September 19th 2010 - Trainer for GS
It was announced Sunday September 19 that Xertog has stepped down from the position of Sr Captain to the second chair.
Thankfully he chose to remain on the Council.
As a result, I was chosen to take on the role of Sr. Captain. Xertog left some big shoes to fill, and I will do my best.
Loki took over my duties as Slave Master. He has had this position before, and I know he will do an outstanding job.
The changes to greeting order are as follows:
Ulrich - Senior Captain
Loki - Slave Master
Ulrich - Senior Captain

April 11 2010 - Trainer for GS
The Council has added nasreen as a GS trainer. I am sure she will provide a great deal of help to the first girl.
Xertog Senior Captain

April 5th 2010 - Trainer for GS
aurora has been made a GS trainer. I am sure she'll be a great help to the FG.
Xertog Senior Captain

Decision March 27th 2010 - O collars & contacting GS FG
Slaves that are given an Observation collar will be required to contact the GS first girl with in one hand (5 days) of receiving the collar. Failure to do so would would revoke the collar and the protection it offers.
Anybody giving out an O collar should pass this information along with the following e mail address to contact the FG at
Xertog Senior Captain

March 11th 2010 - First Girl of GS
The Council has decided to make shadow the first girl of Gorean Shores. From past experience I am confident she will do an excellent job. Slaves should address her as mistress shadow.

April 27th, 2010 - Captain Emeritus rescinded - MDKnight
The Council of Gorean Shores has voted to longer extend the tittle of Captain Emeritus to MDKnight.
Xertog, Senior Captain

April 19th, 2010 - Slave Abondoned
The Council has rules that maerian has been abandoned. A member of the GS Council will remove her collar.
Xertog, Senior Captain

April 18, 2010 - Loki re-instated Captain
Loki has been re-instated as a full Captain of Gorean Shores.
Xertog, Senior Captain

April 11, 2010 - Ulrich re-instated Captain
Ulrich has been re-instated as a full Captain of Gorean Shores.
He will be taking on the duties as the Slave Master.
Xertog, Senior Captain

Cleaning up the GS web pages - the kajirae page - 3/27/2010
The Council is having the following slaves removed from the list of GS slaves on the GS web pages. They are being removed for the simple season that we have had no contact with them for too long of a time. They are welcome to return when/if they can be active in GS again.
Xertog - Senior Captain

Observer collars - 3/27/2010
Slaves that are given an Observation collar will be required to contact the GS first girl with in one hand (5 days) of receiving the collar. Failure to do so would would revoke the collar and the protection it offers.
Anybody giving out an O collar should pass this information along with the following e mail address to contact the FG.
Xertog - Senior Captain

Ban lifted - wren/edebe - 1/12/2010
The Council has lifted the ban of wren/edebe. She will again be welcome in Gorean Shores.
Xertog - Senior Captain

New Captain - Loki -12/21/2009
The Council has voted to make Loki a full Captain on the Council of Gorean Shores.
Xertog - Senior Captain

Ulrich - Captain Emeritus -12/20/2009
The Council has granted Ulrich the title 'Captain Emeritus'. I hope to see him back in GS soon.
Xertog - Senior Captain

Ulrich - Lost at Sea -12/18/2009
It is with reluctance and a heavy heart that I make this post.
The Council has declared Ulrich to be lost at sea. This declaration removes him from the GS Council. If he returns he may take the tittle of Captain Emeritus or request to return to the Council.
It is my hope that he will one day return to GS with his girls and sit on the Council once again
Xertog - Senior Captain

Advisor Loki - 10/4/2009
The Council has voted to make Loki an Adviser to the Council. Welcome to the Council Loki.
Xertog - Senior Captain

New ruling in regards to FW in the tavern - 8/4/2009
The Council has decided to allow FW back into the tavern. They should not expect any behavior that may offend them to be curtailed in any way. Please note if this change becomes a problem the Council can simply revert back keeping them out again. We'll see how it goes.
Xertog - Senior Captain

Broggan & DragonHeart - Banned - 6/30/2009
Broggan and DragonHeart have been banned for dueling in GS on top of breaking other rules like entering the kennels and making one post speed captures.
They have been warned several time of GS rules. Dueling in GS has never been tolerated. We aren't going to start now.
Here is a list of their known names:
Lord Mignore
I'm sure there are more we missed.
Xertog - Captain of GS

wanda abondonned - 6/30/2009
The girl known as wanda has been declared as abandoned by the GS Council. Her current collar will be removed. This will be done by a Captain of Gorean Shores and NOT by anybody else.
Xertog - Captain

Ramses - Captain; zoya GS_FG, jessenia abandoned - 6/23/2009
Some of these should have been posted a while back. I apologize for slacking off.
The Captains have voted to make Ramses a full Captain on the Council of Gorean Shores. Welcome brother!
The Captains have voted to make zoya first girl of Gorean Shores. Serve well girl.
The Captains have declared jessenia to be abandoned.
Xertog - Captain

Zenith Banned - 10/9/2008
The Council has voted to ban Zenith from GS. If he enters GS he should be ignored. (any other alias he may use are also to be ignored)
Xertog - Captain and Slave Master of GS

Alteration to Kill / Capture Rules - 9/1/2008
The Council of Captains of Gorean Shores has full authority in any and all rooms in Gorean Shores to enforce any rule by any means deemed appropriate. This enforcement may include but is not limited to face stripping, capture or even death.
Such drastic measures taken in a no kill/no capture zone can only be taken by an Active Captain. If this does occur, it will require approval by the Council by means of a majority vote.
If possible, the approval will come before such action is taken, but in some cases, immediate action may be required. If so, a C&P of the event must be submitted to the Council for a ruling.
The above rule was put in place due to recurring cases of both FW and slaves misbehaving, or acting in an improper way, in some rooms in GS, but then * running * to our prescribed * SAFE * rooms which are normally NO KILL/CAPTURE zones, The Council has found it necessary to take measures to remove such * loopholes * or ways to get around the true intent of Gorean interaction and proper conduct by ALL...
Both FW and bare necked slaves that conduct themselves in PROPER fashion in GS have nothing more than usual to fear from the council of Captains... ONLY those that knowingly choose to break our rules or refuse to act in proper fashion need feel any concern over this new rule...
Xertog - Captain of GS and Slave Master

passion{Sabre} / lilbit{GS] killed - 8/30/2008
The girl known as passion{Sabre} who was dueling as lilbit{GS}, ded, becka and the Priest Kings only know how many other names was killed by Bhoamar.
As per GS rules the Council votes on all deaths that occur in Gorean Shores and rules if they are valid or not.
The killing of this slave was upheld by the Council.
Xertog - Captain of GS and Slave Master

slaves whispers during Forums - 8/14/2008
During the weekly forum slaves will be allowed to whisper to anybody with asking permission. Anybody offended by such whispers should be directed to speak to the Council of Gorean Shores.
Xertog - Captain of GS

thistle killed - 8/13/2008
The girl is dead. If somebody shows up in GS using the name they are to be ignored.
Rollo the Ax - Snr Captain of GS

Bann Lifted - seafora
The Council has decided to lift the ban on the girl that was known as seafora.
Xertog Captain of GS

General Amnesty
The Council of Gorean Shores has decided to offer for a limited time of 3 weeks ONLY that anybody banned or killed in Gorean Shores in the past, may submit a request to be reconsidered for being allowed to return. This is NOT a total or general amnesty. This will be judged case by case .
This will end at midnight August 17th GS time (Central US / Canada time zone)
Xertog Captain of GS

Capture Rules in Gorean Shores
The rules concerning capture of a bare neck slave have been revised. Previously, they were worded in such a way they were only applicable to the Market. The same protocol will be followed for ALL capture zones within the walls of GS.
1. Any attempted capture must be post for post; No speed posting allowed. Please state intent to capture upon sighting the captee.
2. In the event of an attempted capture, the free person must post an entry, followed by a declaration of intent, followed by a minimum of three posts in the capture attempt. As stated before, they must be made post for post with the slave.
3. Any free neck slave entering the room must post a minimum of five posts; one entry, three role play posts and a final exit post to allow any who might wish to hunt her have their chance.
4. During the time of said capture attempt, the minimum one minute between requests to leave by slaves will NOT be in effect. But ONLY at this time
5. C&Ps are to be kept by the participants to allow for adjudication by the council if needed. Any slave that uses the urts or an emergency rti too many times to escape capture can be collared by any Captain on sight.
6. Limited protection may be provided by a free person to a free neck, but only if he or she is there the entire time. If not, well, "out of sight, out of mind", she is free to be hunted.
7. In the event that two men have their eyes on the capture of a slave, there are two choices. First, one can back out and concede to the other, or second, the girl is bound and a "kajira canjellne" is declared. The two men fight an adjudicated three to five post, standard GS fight rules, battle with the winner getting possession of the slave.
Ulrich GS Captain

Dated June 10th 2008: New Captain
Well not new, but new again.
Welcome back Xertog as Xertog and Slave Master
GS Captain

Dated November 11th 2007: Ramses made Advisor to GS Council
Tonight Ramses was named as Advisor to the Council.
Ulrich Captain of GS

galah made FG to GS
On this night, galah was named first girl of the Gorean Shores Tavern
Ulrich Captain of GS

Dated November 6th 2007: White silk slaves in the Tavern
It has been decided that white silk slaves will be allowed in the Tavern without their trainer or a Captain present.
This is with the understanding the girl is still fully restricted, she will kneel in tower and provide no sexual services.
In other words, her behavior in the Tavern will be the same as if she were in the Piazza.
If a Free tries to use the girl sexually, she is to make her departure immediately.

Dated October 16th 2007: Slave Tag Lines
A lot of people thought this was official but it was never made official, only through forum nights were people required to use "tag lines" to identify themselves.
However, after the recent forum vote, we have decided to make it official that all GS/PS members are required to include their collar tags in their name tags for ease of convenience.
Any slave failing to do so (Not owned by GS) will be given a warning. If they fail to adhere to the warning they will be entitled to any punishment deemed neccessary by a GS member.
Jarl Thorfinn - Captain

Dated August 17th 2007: Ban lifted from ShadowHawk
The Gorean Shores Council of Captains has decided to left the ban on Shadow Hawk.
Xertog - Captain

Dated August 10th 2007: Use of the word servery
The term 'servery' has been widely used online for what is really a kitchen. The word servery is not used in the books.
The GS trainers have been instructed to teach not to use the word servery. The appropriate word is 'kitchen'.
The GS web pages have been changed to reflect this.
Also note that the word 'chillery' was not in the books either. The words that was used are'cold room', or cool room.
Xertog - Captain

Dated August 10th 2007: How a gorean slave kneels
In the past in Gorean Shores girls were taught that white silks or sexually restricted slaves would kneel with their palms down and other girls would kneel with there palms up.
We are changing how that will be taught in order to follow the books more closely. JT explains it better than I can here:
"To go into the truer meaning of why a slave kneels upturned palms, you must delve into your own emotion, or feeling. If a female has her palms downward upon open thighs, at least she has some kind of focus, something to grip, but take that away, her palms clutching at nothing, leaves a more vulnerable state of mind. Such a vulnerable state of mind is a Natural progression, one that CANNOT be trained, by a slave who feels ultimately in the power of the one she kneels before. It is an expression to say "Here I am Master, a true slave before a true Master." for a slave to be trained that way and to do that before every Man takes away that meaning, that whole psychological edge - it is a symbolisation that works, but only works when truely performed, for the right reasons, else it is merely another example of a Stepford slave."
Gorean slaves were taught to kneel with their palms down, they only turned in psychological situations, or in desperate please for attention before those they craved to serve."
shadow explained it in her words at slave class on Thursday:
"If you turn your palms up, in the presence of a Master, you are revealing your submission * to Him *, signaling a desire to please Him completely, and be found pleasing. You are leaving yourself completely opened to Him, submitting all. would a girl really do that with *any * Master? shadow thinks not because it does have a deeper significance then that which has been taught in the past."
"No more will palms speak if a girl is restricted or not. If a girl sits in nadu, which * is * a pleasure slave, and turns her palms to her spread thighs, she is still for use."
Girls that did not make slave class on Thursday I suggest consulting the notes from that class where shadow explains it in more detail.
Also for a reference see the forum notes on the subject here:
Here are a few quotes from the books:

"Position!," I snapped. Swiftly she knelt again, as she had been commanded earlier.
You obey with the alacrity of a slave girl," I observed. If I do not," she said, "I could be punished as one, could I not?" "Yes," I said, "and would be." I walked about her, examining her, She kept her back very straight, and her head up. I was then again before her. I noted that the palm of her hands, so soft, so vulnerable, had turned on her thighs, so that they faced up. Among slave girls this is a common ways of signaling need, helplessness, a desire to please." Vagabonds of
"She knelt in the position of the Pleasure Slave but her hands on her thighs had unconsciously, pleadingly, turned their palms to me, and she no longer knelt quite back on her heels. It was as though she begged to be allowed to lift and open her arms and rise and come to my arms. But as I looked upon her sternly she turned her palms again to her thighs, knelt back on her heels and dropped her head, holding her eyes as if by force of will fixed on the plastic beneath my sandals." Priest Kings of Gor pages 234-235
"Assume the posture of female submission,' I told her. She did so, kneeling back on her heels, her arms extended, wrists crossed, her head between them, down. She was weeping." Tribesmen of Gor p 359
"Nadu!" he snapped. She swiftly turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees. She knelt back on her heels, her back straight, her hands on her thighs, her head up, her knees wide. It was the position of the pleasure slave. Explorers of Gor page 77
"Seeing my eyes upon her she then knelt on the surface of the couch, kneeling back on her heels, spreading her knees, straightening her back, lifting her head, and putting her hands on her thighs. It is a common kneeling position for a female slave." Savages of
"Come now, my pretty slaves," said Ginger, "kneel straight. Back straight, heads up. Back on your heels there! Spread those pretty knees. Yes, that is the way men like it. Put your hands, palms down, on your thighs. Good. good. Excellent!," The girls now knelt in the coffle as pleasure slaves." Savages of
Xertog - Captain

Dated August 10th 2007:SexyRebel - Face Stripping:
The Council has decided that what was called a facestripping of the FW Sexy Rebel, who is now known as lynn was a consensual submission. She is the property of Symbian.
Xertog - Captain

Dated July 31st 2007: Protection collars:
The GS Council of Captains has decided that slaves collars that read: {Protected} or {Protected by ...... } or other variation of this kind will no longer be honored in Gorean Shores.
Either you own a girl or you don't.
Xertog - Captain

Dated July 22nd 2007: - Captain appointed
The warrior Ulrich was appointed Captain to The Council of Gorean Shores.

Dated June 25th 2007: Regarding the First Sword spar:
After a lengthy deliberation the Council was unable get a majority to vote either man as the winner. The spar is being declared a draw. The First Sword position will remain vacant for now.
The Council has declared Kyoto as being lost at sea. If he is able to return to GS in the future he will have the status of Captain Emeritus.

Dated May 13th 2007: - Captain and Advisor appointed
Thorfinn the Skullsplitter was appointed Captain to The Council of Gorean Shores.
The Free Man Ulrich was appointed Advisor to The Council of Gorean Shores.

Dated February 19th 2007: - FW Phen
On this night as per the Councils decision Phen was reduced to slavery and made a GS slave. She requested death instead of slavery. Her request was granted.

Dated January 20th 2007: - Advisor appointed
The Free Man Ramses was appointed Advisor to The Council of Gorean Shores.

Dated October 22nd 2006: - Deaths on Message Boards / Not recognised
From this time forward the Council of Gorean Shores will not recognize deaths that are RP out on the message board.

Dated October 17th 2006: - FW Icons
From this day forward the new rule for FW's icons will be as such, it will show either no skin or very little, veils optional except in the tavern where they are compulsory at all times. If a FW continues to come into GS with an icon unsuitable, She will be facestripped and kolared and then it will be looked at by the council whether it is valid or not.

Dated June 20th 2006: - Council ruling on a collaring
After looking over all evidence provided to the Council and much debate, we find that we must override the force collaring of the slave, vega, by Shadowruse... and even though he is banned from GS, the Council follows its own policy of honoring collars of visitors and non GS patrons....
This in NO WAY places any blame for misconduct on Shadowruse... he did nothing wrong in trying to collar what looked like a bare neck slave... the crux of the matter is that the girls release was NOT clear enough and detailed or documented fully....
If it comes to pass that the slave IS released... the Council reserves the right to allow Shadowruse the FIRST option to * re-collar * the girl again ...
This is the decision of the Council, and we expect all parties involved, and all those that call GS their home to honor it and move on with busines as usual...
Rollo ther Ax

Dated June 13th 2006: - Council announcement: AKFishman is banned from GS
It is my duty, as Senior Captain of the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores to announce that after numerous complaints, carefull concideration, debate between ourselves, and a vote.... that is has been decided to ban AKFishman from Gorean Shores.... He is hereby refused salt, bread, and fire in GS... and is to concidered Personna non Grata in our home any longer....
This action is NOT done lightly nor is it done due to only one act of misconduct.... The Council has decided that AKFishman is no longer welcome in our home....
Should he enter GS and try to disrupt any activities or harrass any Free or slaves, he is to be placed on * Ignore * and no further words, deeds, or actions are to be taken ANY notice of....
If anybody needs further details or instructions on how to deal with this, contact either one of the Council directly or email the council addy .....
Rollo the Ax

Dated June 10th 2006: - Council ruling - A change in GS policy
Towards the end of last year the Council started a policy of only selling GS slaves to patrons that have been pledged at least 90 days. After reviewing this rule it has been decided to change it to 60 days.

Dated June 10th 2006: - Council ruling
The Council has approved the request that Tassa be allowed to return to her former status in GS as a FW.

Dated April June 2nd 2006 - Council ruling
The slave known at Caitlin has been freed and has been given a scroll of her manumission. The GS Council has granted her permission to return to GS as a FW.

May 29th 2006 - O collars by any Pledged Free
The Council will allow any GS pledged patron to give an GS observer collar. They will be good for two weeks from when they are posted on the main message board. A Captain may nullify these collars as they see fit.
It should be noted that the Council HOPES that common sense will be used by any patron doing so.... To keep things * in hand * and not just slapping collars on at whim .... and that it is also required to post it on the message board to make it so.

April 23rd 2006 - Council ruling
The Council has approved the request that Synnove be allowed to enter GS as a FW.

April 20th 2006 - Greeting Order
There has been recent confusion regarding the greeting order. This is due to issues having the GS web pages updated. This should be resolved hopefully soon.

Greeting Order
You are expected to greet the Council of Captains first, including Advisors,
then Captain Emeritus, if any are present. Next you will greet any Pledged Male Patrons of Gorean Shores then other Masters, any Pledged Free Women of Gorean Shores present, then any other Free Women. They are to be greeted before you may greet any kajirae. Do not greet fellow slaves until they have been given permission to enter and are in the room.

For personally owned kajira if your Owner is in the room and they are the One that granted entry, greet them first and ask permission to greet the others. After getting permission to greet, use the above order of greeting also. If Your Owner is in Gorean Shores but another Master/Mistress has given you permission to enter, go to your Masters/Mistresses feet, greet Them then beg your Owner to greet the others. Once permission is granted, you may then greet in the order above. If your Master/Mistress is not in the room, please follow the above order

APRIL 18th 2006 - ADVISOR

The Builder Sandman was inducted to the Council of Captains as an Advisor on April 10th 2006.

APRIL 4th 2006  - Observation collars in GS  

The Council has decided to change the current policy about * observation * collars in GS...

To give new, or traveling slaves looking for a new home, a better chance to get to know GS and not fear for their necks to the point that they will not enter GS .... The Council has decided to bring in the temporary * observation * collar answer to these worries.....

Any new slave or bare neck slave that wishes to visit GS and get to know the place to see if they might want to make GS their home, may ask for an observation collar for a period of TWO weeks... During that time, the girl will NOT be subject to force collaring... she will be allowed to do as much or as little as she feels she needs to do to learn of GS ( she may serve if she knows how, or she may just watch and learn so that she may come to know things are done in GS....)

A slave may ask for one of these ~o~ * observation collars from any captain.... and once granted, the time limit will begin...

It should also be noted and stated that during this * observation * time, any slave wearing an observation collar is NOT to be harrassed or in any way subjected to attempts by the Free to take a personal collar..... ANY reports of such actions will result in action by the Council against the Free person doing so.....

Rollo the Ax

APRIL 4th 2006 -  Changes on the GS Council.  

As Senior Captain of GS it is both My duty and honor to announce that from this day on, Captain Kyoto is no longer the Slave Master of GS.... He has stepped down from this duty to take up the post of First Sword.....

To fill the position of Slave Master, Captain Emerald Forest has taken the post...

I hope that everyone will welcome them to their new postings, and will endeavor to aid them both in any way possible....

It should be said here, that just as before.... while Emerald Forest is the Slave Master, ANY Free or slave that has any * problems * with a GS slave, can and should take it up with the first Captain that they see, and NOT only with the Slave Master....

I welcome both of My brothers to these new posts, and know that they will do their best in all ways to carry out their duties.....

Rollo the Ax

APRIL 04th 2006 -  Smoking and Babies/Children in GS  

It has been brought to the attention of the Council that some people have been * role playing * situations that the Council does not feel are right for GS....

So here is an official announcement about what is and what is NOT allowed in GS on the above topics....

Smoking... While there are a few scattered references to smoking both pipes and cigarettes in the books, they are very few and far between... and are always in reference to people from Earth that have brought the habit to Gor.... It is the decision of the Council of GS that * smoking * of any kind, is NOT what or how we want things to be done in GS....

So from this point on, the act of smoking while in any of the rooms of GS is NOT to be allowed.... We will hope and expect those that enter GS to abide by this rule....

Babies/Children... The act of bringing babies or small children into GS is also an action that the Council can NOT allow... for several reasons....

On one hand, a paga tavern is NOT a place ANY Gorean would bring them.... babies and children are hardly mentioned in the books, and even less so if ever in both Port Kar or a paga tavern... And last but not least, in today's world where some folks will use any pretext to cause problems for on-line rooms or sites, even the idea of a VT child in an ADULT chat site could cause problems.... and Gary M and Poolside do NOT need the hassles as neither does the Council or on-line Gor in general..... So folks, role play kids if you want to... but NOT in GS or Poolside ....

That should cover these topics... any questions may be directed to the Council if you wish.... but the outcome will be the same.... NO SMOKING and NO Babies/Children in Poolside or GS.....

Rollo the Ax

MARCH 14th, 2006 - Shadowglade resigns

Captain Shawdowglade resigned his position.  He is now ranked as a Captain Emeritus.

January 13th 2006 Council Announcement of new rules

The Council of Captains has decided to change a rule or two, and added some also.... so here they are for everybody to see.... ( they were announced at the Forum but will be posted here also so that none may say that * they didn't know * ... )

They are as follows:

1. GS owned slaves live in GS so it seemed unnecessary to have them beg to enter a place they where already in.... so from now on, GS owned slave need NOT beg to enter any GS room.... they must post an entrance... but not beg or be allowed to enter any more... they are still required to beg to LEAVE .... if Free are present ...

2. Privately owned slaves will still have to beg to enter.. the logic is that they come from their Masters home/ship/ holding... so they are coming from some place other than inside GS... they must still beg to LEAVE also .... if Free are present ...

3. It has been decided that in the best interest of everybody... The Council, patrons, and slaves... that from this point on, the Council will not entertain any offers to sell any slave to a NON pledged patron of GS... and that said patron will have to have been pledged for at least 3 months to ensure that he/she knows just what is involved in owning a slave....

4. There has also been a set of rules made for what GS slaves are required to do at the Gorean Inn in Poolside... the details will be given them at slave class or by the Slave Master(s)... but it is basically that they are NOT require to offer to serve, but if asked they will do a harta, one post serve.. NO sexual serves or open sceening in the Inn... and try to get folks to come to GS and see what Gor is about ... they do NOT need to beg to enter the Gorean Inn... but will until further notice still be required to beg to leave.... if there are Free present....

5. Another announcement.... GS has a new trainer... for training slaves... the newest one is segen.... she joins yalena, and amira as our official * trainers * for the GS chain...... congrats to ALL three girls....

6. There is a new part of our Message board... for RT and Non Gorean issue ... It was put there for everybody to use to keep NON Gorean and RT stuff OFF the main board.... so from now on, birthdays ( even if you call them * Name days * ) illnesses, RT actions or details and generally anything that does NOT deal with GS specifically SHOULD be posted there...... and NOT on the main board any more...

Rollo the Ax

JANUARY 5th 2006 - Banning - Jaeger and Shadowhawk

As Senior Captain of the Council of Gorean Shores, it is my duty to announce that after consideration, debate, and a vote by the Captains.... it has been decided that in the best interest of GS the man known as Jaeger is to be banned from Gorean Shores

As Senior Captain of the Council of Gorean Shores, it is my duty to announce that after consideration, debate, and a vote by the Captains.... it has been decided that in the best interest of GS the man known as Shadowhawk is to be banned from Gorean Shores.

Should they enter GS, they are to be placed on ignore by ALL GS slaves and is not to be served or acknowledged.

All pledged Patrons are urged to do the same.

Rollo the Ax

NOVEMBER 1st 2005
Free Women will be permitted entry to the tavern all Forums days.  The time frame is based on Gorean Shores or CST times. They are expected to act with proper decorum befitting their station.

Free Women will be permitted to enter the Training Yard, and that they act with proper decorum befitting their station.

OCTOBER 31st 2005 - Blade ban lifted
The ban on Blade has been lifted and he is permitted entry to GS

OCTOBER 17th 2005  - Captain
Xertog elevated from Advisor as a Captain of Gorean Shores

OCTOBER 3rd 2005 - Captain
Kyoto elevated and  inducted as a Captain of Gorean Shores