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While living in Meridiana, Cybersix has made many friends and enemies. Here is a list of some of them:

Adrian Seidelman: Adrian Seidelman is the identity Cybersix takes on while living in Meridiana, sort of like a Clark Kent. She/he is an English teacher at the University, which is where she/he meets her/his love/best friend, Lucas. Meek and mild-mannered, his animated appearance is very different from that of Cybersix.

Data 7: Data 7 is a creature part of the "data" series: a unique mixture of animal and human with the same acrobatic skills and strength as the "cyber" series. Data 7 was once Cybersix's brother, Cyber 29. Unfortunately when they were little kids, he fell off a cliff and was believed to have died. His brain was sewed into a panther's body. As soon as he regained his memories of his past life as the brother of Cybersix, he also rebelled from the doctor. He is now Cybersix's "sidekick" and joins her in all her adventures.

Lucas Amato:Lucas is a Biology teacher at the university. He fell in love with Cybersix at first sight, but believes her to be having an affair with his best friend Adian Seidelman, when they are really the same person as I have explained in What is Cybersix?. Lucas always helps Cybersix whenever she needs him.

Julian: Julian is a little kid who lives on the street that Cybersix met. Julian adores Cybersix and always presents her with information that he hears from on the street. Cybersix adores him as well and takes care of him too.

Lori: Lori is one of Adrian's students and has a teacher crush on him, not knowing that he is really a woman. She, like Lucas, believes that Cybersix is Adrian's mistress which Cybersix has vehemently said the negative. Before Lori hated Cybersix, now she and her gang sometimes help her out.

Jose: pronounced "Hosay". Jose is actually a clone of Dr. Von Reichter. He is the doctor's insurance that, should he be killed, Jose would continue to live and do his evil work. To prevent the doctor's "son" from overthrowing him, Jose was limited to stay a child forever. Instable and perverted, Jose is as evil as his father.

Dr. Von Reichter: Main villain. Cruel, twisted, and vile. The doctor dreams of replacing all of humanity with creatures created by him who would all hail him as the leader. Only one thing- and now two- stand between him and world domination: Cybersix and Data 7.

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