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What is Cybersix?

As the rain falls on the mountains,
All my sorrow just salty tears
I whisper your name
Until we're together,
Our love will conquer fear

-Cybersix end theme song

Cybersix is a comic series in Argentina, only translated in French, Spanish and Italian. There was even a live-action 'Cybersix' television series made once. It is also a cartoon series on TELETOON, a Canadian station, every Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 P.M. It is a joint production between Japan and Canada, and the animation has a touch of Japanese anime-ish style to it giving it a unique look.

The Story of Cybersix

Cybersix is not human. She was created in a lab in the late sixties/early seventies sort of like a modern day "Frankenstein" monster. Her creator was a genius in genetic engineering, under an assumed name "Dr. Von Reichter", and he created many creatures and monsters. The series that Cybersix was created in was called the "Cyber" series. There were 5000 of these droids. She was the sixth creation in this series (hence the name "Cybersix"). This was the best series the good German Former Nazi ever created: strong, fast reflexes, predator's instincts, ability to see in the dark and an ability to leap great heights (sort of like Superman).

Unfortunately, the doctor's creations were so good, they began to have a will of their own and were disobedient. So when they were at the age of nine, the doctor killed all of them- except for one.

With the help of a black slave, the little Cybersix escaped and grew older. She fled to the city of Meridiana, the "city of the damned." This is where I'm going to lose some of you. Cybersix went into hiding and disguised herself as a man.

Cybersix rented a cheap apartment, started a career as an English teacher at the local high school and went by the name of Adrian Seidelman. So now we have a twisted version of the Secret Identity thing of Superman/Clark Kent. By day, she is a mild-mannered English Teacher, by night, she is a vigilante guarding the little city of the damned from the freakish monsters of her creator, leaping through the city dressed in black.

Cybersix, like all the creations of Doctor Von Reichter, is dependant on this glowing green liquid called "sustenance" and she has to kill the monsters plaguing Meridiana to get it, like a vampire. She hates herself for it, but she must do it to survive.

While living in Meridiana, Cybersix has made many allies. She found her long-lost brother who she thought was dead remade into the body of a panther (see Characters), and fell in love with a teacher at the University: Lucas Amato. As Adrian, she is his best friend, but as herself, she secretly loves him. He fell in love with her from the moment he saw her, but he thinks she is Adrian's mistress. Now we have a very interesting situation: a love triangle between two people.

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