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Chap. 1
Genesis - 248 Million B.C.
Chap. 2
225 Million - 65 Million B.C.
Chap. 3
20 Million - 3,100 B.C.
Chap. 4
3,000 B.C. - 4 B.C.
Chap. 5
6 A.D. - 799 A.D.
Chap. 6
800 - 1050 A.D.
Chap. 7
1052 - 1199 A.D.
Chap. 8
1200 - 1300 A.D.
Chap. 9
1301 - 1400 A.D.
Chap. 10
1401 - 1500 A.D.
Chap. 11
1501 - 1700 A.D.
Chap. 12
1701 - 1900 A.D.
Chap. 13
1901 - 1950 A.D.
Chap. 14
1951 - †he Presen†

Not many people today believe that the world was actually made in six days, as the story in the Bible tells us it was. That does not mean to say that people do not believe in the Bible itself, anymore. The story that "God made the world in six days and rested on the seventh day" was written by Jewish thinkers living many thousands of years ago; before all the exciting discoveries about the beginning of the world, had been made. The general population of those times were a very superstitious and primitive race of men. So, they wrote what they thought was the truth, in order to try to account for what was so wonderful, and to explain it to other people.

They also had other intentions. At the time when the Hebrews wrote the many scrolls (later became books) of the Old Testament, they felt that their land (once known as Persia) was a very evil place. And, people lived more like barbarians than in a conventional civilization. It made them sorry to see that people did not appreciate the wonderful place in which they were living. So, when they wrote their stories, they ended many of the verses with the chorus: "And God saw that it was good".

So, these writers were more concerned with telling a parable in order to teach the people something about God, than with giving them a history lesson. The Bible does contain much true history, but that is not so important as the truth which it teaches - the truth about Christian living, and loving, as Christ did for humanity. But that was not yet to come, until the New Testament came about. There is not a lot of loving and forgiveness in the Old Testament.

This Old Testament gave the people of Persia a common belief, and created a set of ideals and laws for their society to follow. It also created a common enemy: the "non-believers", for them to hate, so that they could band together and stop hating each other. This took much time, and their ideas became their institution. After many centuries of this, their harsh laws and ideology of the Old Testament had turned their lands into bloody wars. Thus, the plan of their ancestors had come full circle.

It was time for a change, a time for love and forgiveness. This "New Covenant" of God, now referred to as the New Testament, which was written and composed by the Greeks in the first Century, was initiated by a single man. This man is now thought of by his followers as the son of God, and by many others as the greatest prophet in all of history. He is known today as Jesus Christ, though this was not his actual name. "Christ" literally means "annointed one" in Greek. And, not only was the name "Jesus" not in existance at that time, but neither was the letter "J"!

The Scientist and the Historian have tried to uncover the truth about the beginning of the world, in order to tell other people. They have discovered a great deal about how the world was made, and how it developed. But, they do not try to say why the world was made, so they can give no other answer to the question "Who made the world?" than the simple one of "God did". What this answer means varies from person to person.

Keep in mind, the Old Testament was written by a variety of ancient people, who had to be very artistic, for these books were intended to be adopted by an entire continent of people. If the Old Testament was truly inspired by God, the Supreme being, the writers would only be capable of writing their version of what they understood. Remember, there was no technology back then. There was scarcely even order, in this pre-industrial world. A mere few percent of people could even read or write their own language.

It is believed by some scholars that the book of Genesis is still written in a figurative language, to this day. Keep in mind that these ancient books have been translated by countless societies, countless times, in countless ways. In fact, there is very little of any 'original' texts left in existance. The scrolls found at Nag Hammedi are the oldest such documents, and are conflicting with many of the dogmatic practices of the church. See: Examples of Faulty Bible Scholarship.

Due to compromise, ignorance, confusion, poor translation, loss of text, adoption of new doctrines, and intentional deceit, Bible scriptures have been greatly twisted and reshaped over the centuries, from how they were originally written and intended. Unwittingly, Christianity has embraced ancient Babylonian customs rooted in "sun worship", having assimilated many things Pagan by the evolution of time, and now thought of as "tradition", without thinking twice. See: The Pagan sources of Christian customs

Fact and Theory

There is a big difference between the fact of evolution and the theory of evolution. You sometimes hear people comment that evolution is "just a theory". This statement is very misleading, because evolution is a fact as well as a theory. See: A Theory in Crisis

You can understand what I mean by thinking about gravity. There are theories of gravity, including those of Newton and Einstein. These theories can be right or wrong, complete or incomplete. But there is also the FACT of gravity.

When you drop something, it falls. This fact remains whether the theories are correct or not. In just the same way, the record of the development of Life from humble beginnings to the present complex biosphere is a fact that can be read in the fossil record. Similarly, the ability of living things to mutate in response to environmental change can be seen in labs and in nature. Whether any of the current theories of evolution can or cannot explain this record does not change the existance of the Fact of evolution. (James Trefil, 1001 Things everyone should know about Science) See a few words about: Charles Darwin

The Timeline which follows tells of the way in which the world developed through a period of about 4.6 Billion years. It has been a slow process, but all the more wonderful, because it took so long, and not a mere seven days!! (by Vlar Dracul & Ray Chapman Andrews)

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