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Cereal Killers; the Sequel

Alwees after me lucky charms. These little creeps must be hooked on all the sugar I have been pushing. Blue marshmallows are part of a nutricious breakfest, RIGHT!!! I will turn into a firehose and wash them away. "Can't get enough Sugar Smacks". It's Sugar Bear the glucose pusher. It is about time our furry friend checked himself into the NutraSweet Clinic.

Al Frankenberry

Again the undead are selling cereal. He may be ugly with a smoke stack sticking out of his head but he can operate a spoon.

Commie Cat

The 50's brought us Mcarthyism The 60's brought us the Black Panthers. The 70's brought us the Pink Panther. Corn flakes with red #3, later recalled for its "sissy" effect.

The Cap'n Confesses

I bet a free toothbrush wouldn't sell much cereal.

Why don't the healthy cereals have characters. Like the Grapenuts Gorilla or the Shreaded Wheat Weightlifter. They could wage war on the lesser cereal demons.

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