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CountryPhil's Fun House

CountryPhil Presents:
101 Dalmcats (Rated-G)
Bovine Refuse (Rated-G)
Brain Teaser!! (Rated-G)
Advertisers are crazy (Rated SN for Sponsors Needed)
Doughboy Dead at 71 (Rated PG-13)
Bill & Ted pole their constituents (Rated PS for Political Satire)
Country Transportation (Rated RL for Rural Livin')
Honeymoon in Niagra Falls (Rated DS for Dysfunction Satire)
Career Opportunities (Rated-GR for Grim Reality)
Reno/Gates...Hmmm (Rated PS for Political Satire)
Santa gets raided (Rated-PG for Petty god of Plunder)
Things I didn't Want to Learn (Rated PG-13)
Cereal Killers (Rated PG-13)
Cereal Killers 2 (Rated PG-13)
Britney Spears having a private moment of reflection (Rated PH for Potty Humor)
First it was OJ with the bloody glove (Rated PG)
Quotes of Women (Rated-PG)
Bubba Has a Dream!! (Rated PD-13)
Star Wars Character(Rated PG for Pretty Gross)
Sigmund Freud would've enjoyed this (Rated CS for Castration Satire)
My Favorite Country Songs That Don't Exist (Rated PG)
Women Rule the World (Rated-PG)
Beware, this could be you!! (Rated-SR for Sad Reality)
The Titanics Untold Story!! (PG-13)
The Decoy!!(Rated-SAS for Substance Abuse Satire)
A Real Covered Bridge Rated-G)
2020 Predictions (Rated PG for Pretty Goofy)
Brad Pitt Without Make-up (Rated-HS for Heartthrob Satire)
Conspiracy Theorists (Rated PS for Political Satire)
A Women Doing Her Part to Rule the World (Rated PG)
The American Way (Rated PG-13)
Blame it on Global Warming (Rated PG)
Ladies of Ill Repute (Rated PG)
Bear Grace (Rated RS for Religious Satire)
Bears in the Woods (Rated PH for Potty Humor)
Politics, Religion and Her (Rated-PG)
It's All a Misunderstanding (Rated-PG)
Feed Bag from the Fans (Rated-PG)

Each page has its own sound file don't leave till you hear it.

I believe humor is a very important endeavor. I am not saying doctors need to go to clown school, like Patch Adams.

Come on back now and again, cus you never know who CountryPhil will offend next...

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