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When the fight was over, we all realized what had happened to Tokra, though we did not
know what to do for him. We then put the pieces back together as they should be and built a
memorial out of the statue to honor Tokra. When that happened I didn't know what to do, so I
 would consult Tom, I went to the Forest and began talking to his statue. Everyone thought I
was crazy, but I had nothing to prove to them, and since no one wanted me here, I went to the
 heavens and went to stay with Tom and my son. I was happier there than I had been in ages.
I mean, Micheal was gone away all the time and I was so alone at the tavern I couldn't stand it
anymore. Suddenly Alex appeared in the heavens, he had told us that he gave his life for
Tokra's. So not Tokra was alive once more and no longer a statue. Well, I knew it wasn't his
time to be here yet, nor was it mine so Alex and I went back to the Tavern. Everything went
well for a while after that. Micheal came and took me away to live in his home in Woodhaven.

Occasionally I would return back to the tavern but that was a rarity.  I loved being in Woodhaven, it was a peaceful place, nothing was around us but woods and the woodland creatures. I lived there for almost 20 years peacefully with Micheal.
One of the times that I came home Gwen was acting all funny. Being obnoxious and such. And well that just wasn't Gwendelen. A few days passed and we all began to think she had gone crazy until we learned that the Goddess of all BlueStar, BlueStar used to be a land until attacked, now the Goddess protects the tavern since she was of no use to a land of ruins and corpses, was taking over her body. There was only one way to stop her. Destroy the "Heavens of BlueStar." Well, to do that I had to drain Tokra's blood. Which of course I did, I would never give up the chance to drain someone to their death? But anyway, I drained him and he went to the heavens. The rest I do not know since I was not there, all I know is that he had to win because Tom and my son TJ came home to me.  
Now back to Woodhaven where I stayed with Micheal. Until one day he became very sick, he couldn't move from his bed. Then one day I was bringing him his lunch and...well there was no Micheal. I looked and looked everywhere to find him but he was no where to be found. So, like any scared woman I went home to the tavern and waited there. Not before leaving a note of course. I waited and waited and heard nothing from him. A few months went by and I had begun to give up hope. Just as I was I get a letter attached to a sword. the letter stated "The Stormbringer has returned."
I didn't know what that meant but I knew it had to do something with Micheal. The Day came when Tokra had received a message from Micheal. We were to meet him at a certain spot the next day. Eh, I never did find out what that was called. But anyway back to the story. We both went there and were abruptly attacked by Micheal. Tokra held him off but he was too strong.
When I thought Tokra was going to lose he hit Micheal with a large energy ball that sent him plummeting to the ground. That is when we saw this other woman. All three of us stood around Micheal, he was fine and conscious so be began to talk to all of us. He was under some "spell" supposedly, or that is what he told us.
This "spell" caused him to be blinded from his true love. He told us that his true love was this other woman and they were to have a child. Well, when I heard that I abruptly took my engagement ring from my finger and threw it at him. Not wanting to cry in front of all of them I flew away. I flew all the way home alone crying. For many days I was depressed, I didn't want to feed, sleep, or even talk to anyone. But soon I got out of it and began to talk to my family. My son and I began to have a wonderful relation ship and even Me and Tom were beginning to talk again.
A little girl happened upon out tavern, her name was Emma, we didn't know whom she
belonged or were she came from but we welcomed her with open arms. Soon after wards we
found out she had no mother nor father so we were like her family. Everyone was happy once
again. Bruce had come back home with his girlfriend Mystia. Once again we were a family.
                             Mystia, owned her own tavern a few miles from ours. Though hers was
more...shall we say elaborate...Before you walk, you notice that the tavern before you isn't
your normal Inn.  It appears to be made from the substance of the jungle about you. The walls
 are made from living vines, magical grown to weave a very sound establishment. When you
walk in to the middle of the main room there are several large trees, passing through the
ceiling. The ceiling itself appeared to be the night sky, dotted with billions of small, minuscule
stars. The twelve moons stood out proudly, giving off an aura of calm and sersmallenity. The
bar was made from bamboo, a soft red piece of silk spread over the top. The cloth was
embroidered in a fine golden thread, the design matching the vines. Replacing the normal
stool were seats made from woven bamboo strips, formed into a shell with a large, round
pillow acting as a cushion. Behind the bar were large vines with many small nozzles sticking
out of them. They hung from the lower branches of the largest tree, also used as rafters. The
tavern smelled of the fresh, crisp air in a mountain glade. Sounds of water came from your
right as soon as you entered the door. If you peered in that direction, you would notice a
large waterfall, magically made in the ground. The water went into a large whole and was
caught as it fell by a magical net. It was then teleported back to the top of the falls, released
over large, round, smooth rocks. Flying about this little magical masterpiece were small fairies.
There was no floor. It was left as it had been, grass and flowers. Oh that place was wonderful,
I love to spend time there when I was not at home.
Soon afterwards I joined back up with the Alliance of the Twelve Moons (hereon known as
the AotTM), I was with them when I was married to Tarin but chose not to tell you about it,
really didn't do much when I was there the first time. Being as I wished for my family to come
and join me at Windseer Castle I gave them applications to join of course. But as usual, Tom
did not wish to join me. By this time me and tom were back together but this put a damper on
our newly forming relationship for I wished to spend most of my time sparing and whatnot so
I could move up the ranks in the AotTM. This did not go well with him as you could guess.
Mystia on the other hand had joined the AotTM. Well, soon I became tired of being fussed
over because I was injured in spars. so I told him I was leaving. TJ and Emma wished to stay
with Tom, which saddened me to a great deal, but they were growing up and I couldn't really
tell them to leave their home and all they have known. I let them stay there.
In the Alliance I met a man by the name of Haldir. We got along great, we sparred with Mystia
 and another guild member named Akira. We all had a grand time. Well, except for after the
spars, you could imagine we were pretty messed up. Though afterwards we would all tend to
our wounds and go have a drink. Haldir and I seemed inseparable. We were at Mystia's tavern
 one day when some kind of demon took a hold of Haldir's body. We all got in and fought and
 soon it would be taken care of. Or so we thought.
After the fight Haldir and I began to talk. And well a few days before me and Tom had gotten
into a fight and he threw me against the hall wall when I was in kitten form, almost breaking
every bone in my face. When I returned to the form you see before you today my face was
bruised. Well, why I told you that was because when Haldir saw that he became "another
person" literally. I was told it was his alter ego that protects him. He did not like that Tom had
attacked me and there for came "out." But what I didn't know was that he had linked Haldir
and I. If I am to leave Haldir then Haldir shall fade. So for now I am linked with Haldir and must
 stay near him. Though hey it isn't so bad, except that I have feelings for him. And that
wouldn't be so bad except that he has a fiancee and twins on the way. So I watch myself
around him and make sure I don't do anything stupid.
Lysa in her kitten form...isnt she cute. Careful, looks are quite deceiving
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