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Once I returned home things changed so much for me. I wasn't here but I couple of months when Tokra came into the RDI and somehow recognized me in the crowd. After the things I had to tell him about my travels. Well, he told me of his as well, soon we walked to the forest were I looked upon Tom's and our son's graves once again. Then I looked down and saw a fresh flower upon the ground in between them, a little confused I bent down and picked up the flower.
As soon as I did that I heard her voice, a voice I thought I would never hear again. It was Angel, it was the voice of my sister, turning to see her, I immediately gave her a hug, and we all shared stories, all three of us. Soon we were back in the RDI, were I lived before I had left....well were we all had lived at least me and Angel. we were not back but a couple of months after that when we saw Rose as well, she once again joined her sisters, and we were the power of three once again. Of course we had to keep Tokra on the sidelines of all of this ^.^ . Well, of course Angel and Rose both fell in love with Tokra again, but Angel had gotten to him first. So she got him. Being that we rarely fight over a man Rose didn't care, but anyway, on with it....Things began to happen that were strange though. Angel and Tokra disappeared for a few days. When we saw Tokra next, Angel wasn't with him.
Oh but when I was alone with Tokra I began to see a different side of him. He then kidnapped of all people. Locking me in a cage I became irate, that is when he began to try and restrain me. And being that at that time I was a demonic angelvamp he couldn't, hell not much can hold me down now, but that isn't the point. He used black magic bands that restrained me from using any magic, or using the silver and gold bracelet that Micheal had given me long ago to escape. I just seemed to watch what was going on around me, not really understanding why he had kidnapped Angel, Gwendelen and myself. To this day I still don't understand what he had in store for us, but I know now why. it was a few days that he had Angel and myself locked in cages. Gwen was his slave and did as he said. I then heard a voice in her mind. IT WAS MICHEAL!!!
He had come to save us. He tried to get me to escape using my bracelet, but as I said earlier, the bands prevented me from doing just that. So Micheal decided to come in against my better judgment. But hell if you know Micheal as well as I do, then you know that he usually does things that are against annoys better judgment probably even his own. all of a sudden, I do not know who it happened but Gwen, Angel and myself were on this lava monster.
Not wanting to hurt us Micheal couldn't hit it with his sword or magic. Then seemingly out of no where to began to rain. I looked to Micheal and just smiled when I saw the lightening flash in his eyes. I knew what he was up to. I wiggled out of my binds and went to the other two grabbing both of them I just began to pray as hard as I could and a bubble of energy formed around all of us. Then energy bubble formed right as the lava monster hardened and Micheal hit it with his sword and shattered it in pieces. I ran after Micheal after making sure the others were all right. He had run off to fight Tokra. when he didn't want to fight in his castle anymore he phased us all to a field of some sort. Were we found out whom he really was.
Or well whom had "taken over" Tokra's body. It was Sephiroth, Angel's first born to her first husband Azaroth. He had killed his father and came to kill his mother for letting Azaroth take him. Out of no where he began to grow. I flew up behind him, seeing horrible things, things I care never to mention again. But I surpassed them, stabbing one of those things and cutting the pendent from Tokra's neck. Micheal then destroyed it completely. A few moments later Tokra was back to his normal self. And Sephiroth was destroyed. Life was back to normal.
All happy go lucky, our life became even happier when our brother, Malici BlueStar came back. Though now being known as Sir Alex RhyDin (siralexrhydin). We celebrated for we haven't seen him in almost 400 yrs. Though our celebrations were short lived when he began to destroy the tavern and fight with Tokra. The fight ensued for many hours. Alex got tired of the fighting I would guess and opened a "black-hole" type portal straight to hell. When Tokra was sucked in through this black hole it closed. So anything with that you would have to ask Tokra about because I do not have knowledge of it. Weeks went by and we heard not a word from Tokra nor Alex. One day as we were all getting the tavern ready for a guild sim-fighting contest a knock came at the door. When it was answered by Rose all that was there was a package, somehow addressed to me. Myself, being the curious type, i dropped what i was doing and opened the package. to my astonishment it was a pile of bones. a piece of parchment was contained as well in the package and said only one word. --Tokra--
Well, now as Rose and Angel had previously come to an agreement that they both shall have Tokra they both were equally shocked. So much in fact that both woman went into a sort of trance like state. They began to clean the tavern, but that was all they didn't speak, even acknowledge that anyone else was there. Well, I began to pray to the Goddess, asking her what should I do in this case. She told me to get something of his...something personal and crumble it over his bones in the "pit". I did as I was told, I got his senzu bean pouch, burned it slightly so it would become brittle, crumbled it over his bones that I had already set up in the pit. then I prayed, and I prayed. For days I prayed over these bones. suddenly the bones, the crumbled pouch they just disappeared but I continued to pray for a few more hours. Then being worn out from days of not sleeping nor feeding I had to go back to the tavern. when I got back I was shocked to see a small child resembling Tokra to a great extent. In fact this child turned out to be Tokra but he had no knowledge of this place, meaning the tavern, nor did he have knowledge of any of us.
I do not know what happened, those days are sort of a blur to me, but I remember that he did come back one day all grown up and his memory returned. We were all happy for oh I would say about 3 years. This time Micheal had the problem. He lost his memory...or well some of it. Somehow he went back in time to when he was fighting in Avalon. I was drawn to him. Drawn to him even more than I normally would be drawn to him. As usual Tokra and Alex would not let me go alone. So Shalimar flew Tokra and Alex there as I flew right next to her. They landed on the top of a castle and Shalimar flew off not being able to help us any longer. I heard something but at first paid not attention to it. All three of us were looking for a way in. I then saw something out of the corner of my eye. Turning around to see what it was only to see a hidden trap door slamming shut.
Tokra and Alex tried to lift it but were unable. out of the darkness fighting skeletons began to emerge. Alex and Tokra took to fighting these while I tried to find a way in. it was then I remembered the bracelet. with a wave of my hand I was suddenly at the lower floor of the castle, which I came to find that out later. It was a fighting arena basically with Micheal and someone whom I didn't know. Though Shalimar told me that I cannot interfere as Micheal is carrying out his destiny and he must do this on his own. As I watched him fight, it was hard not to interfere especially when he was losing, but I didn't. but what I saw in the shadows was familiar, it was what I had seen out of the corner of my eye on the roof. I went over to this moving shadow so to speak, sneaking up on what was making it. It was Ula a person from Micheal's past.
I shook my head as I watched her for a moment. I thought she was dead myself, but I guess I was wrong. I saw Ula getting ready to interfere with the fight. As quickly as I could I jumped on her and a fight proceeded between us. It went back and forth, but I did everything I could to keep her away from Micheal's fight. She took a good blow at my face knocking me to the ground only feet away from Micheal. That gave her the chance to go for Micheal. She had her arrow pointed at him and shot. Thankfully I flew into the air catching just in time. Well, that made her even angrier, leaping into the air she tackled me and we began to struggle until I plunged the arrow into her arm, so she couldn't shoot anymore arrows.
Just then I saw Micheal defeat the person he was fighting and I quickly crawled away so not to disturb anything else. As I did this I heard Tokra and Alex on the other side of the door ready to break it open. Being exhausted I would guess that I passed out because I do not remember anything that happened until I was lying in a bed back at the tavern. Months went by, everyone was happy.
I was out at the RDI as I usually was. Having a drink and getting out of the tavern. when a man approached me. He asked if I was a member of the Satanic Army. Of course I said I was because I had just joined it when my brother Alex formed it. He told me he was a member also.
We talked ,while going outside for a walk. He told me about himself,his name...Shozaemon Haigu He began to ask me personal questions and I was completely honest with him. I told him I had promised myself to someone, to Micheal. I guess he got angry because he began to attack me. I fought back but he was a skilled fighter, more skilled than I was at the time. I took a good hit stabbing him one good time in the chest. Seeing him fall to the ground bleeding scared me more than him trying to kill me. I didn't want to kill anyone I just wanted him to stay away from me. I did the right thing and healed him but he came after me once again. following me to the tavern. Tokra, Arina, and Tarin ,whom was guild member of another guild that I was in, which will be talked more about later on in this story, were all there. Tokra
began to fight Shozaemon. With the use of magic inside the tavern it began to get destroyed, but when Tarin saw this he made a bubble around both Shozaemon and Tokra, nothing could get in and nothing could get out. Tokra fought valiantly against Shozaemon but he was too powerful. but suddenly Tokra began to build all of his energy inside of himself and suddenly released a massive amount all at once. After the energy had toned down, his body was reduced to stone, as if turned into a statue. He was in the air since he was jumping to plunge his sword into Shozaemon's throat. So without any energy to hold him up, he fell to the ground and shattered, leaving nothing but his sword. At the moment Tokra's body shattered to the ground Micheal walked into the tavern to see that. And once again I saw lightening flash in his eyes and he attacked Shozaemon, he attacked him with such a ravenous force that it scared him off. Well, for that moment anyway.
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