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The Renaissance


Victor von Roticher: “Syphon” before such an alias was necessary. The immortal whose true name has faded into the annals of history enjoys an identity as a German lord dedicated to the death of dangerous supernaturals of every sort. Employing the aid of a group of would-be hunters who’ve stumbled into the web of a powerful and ancient demon, Victor gives what aid he can to keep these hunters alive long enough to do what great deeds the can.
Brother Alfanzo de Media: A Franciscan monk dedicated to God’s service and the saving of souls. Alfonzo desires nothing more than to save the soul of each of God’s children through his only son before the Final Night comes crashing down around them all.
Elyssa Carivachi: A daughter of Sicilian nobility who has fled in search of a cure for the infernal taint she has been cursed with. Though this taint also gives her great power, the eventual price it is bound to take is far too great, and so she continues to fight for her purification each and every night.
"Diego the Red": When a vampire killed his family to prove a point, Diego did the last thing the vampire expected, he fought back. Now a pirate with a loyal crew, he dedicates himself to destroying his enemy totally. Von Roticher has enlisted his aid for the mission ahead.
Fransisco Santino: A search for forbidden knowledge has brought Francisco to where he is tonight. The boundless knowledge associated with the supernatural has given Francisco his mission in life and united him with his new allies in hopes of preserving his very world.
"Ulrich": He has been cast out of his holy order and is perused by a powerful vampiric mastermind. With no home left and no place to run, “Ulrich” wages this war in the name of God to save humanity and give his life a meaning that every human craves.