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Vasily Roshenko

Vasily is a rebel. His entire life has been a series of rebellions against one thing or another. He joined the Russian Mafia to rebel against his parents. He married Ilyana, another Shadowlord Kinfolk, because her family objected. When the Tribe forced Ilyana and Vasily to divorce because she wasnít pregnant yet, he wanted to rebel again and run away with her, but in the end she bent to the Tribeís wishes. They were divorced, and she was forced to marry Yuri, a member of Svetaís fatherís pack. Once again, Vasily rebelled by carrying on a relationship with Ilyana. It ended in disaster when Yuri caught his new wife talking on the phone with another man and killed her in frenzy. Shortly after that, Vasily was hired to be Svetaís bodyguard. Vasily rebelled by helping Sveta spend as much of her fatherís money as possible. He also fell in love with her, and they both rebelled when they found out that Sveta was going to be married to Yuri. Sveta shot Yuri in the ass with her sniper rifle, and Vasily drove the getaway car that took them from St. Petersburg to Archangel. There, they met Sergei the werewolf hunter, who put them in touch with Syphon in exchange for information on Svetaís father. Syphon put the pair with a team of hunters, who were all killed in Siberia by a Lasombra named Dimitri Ivanovich Romanov. Now, Vasily and Sveta work with Surge and his team. Vasily and Sveta have an open relationship. Either of them can have sex with other people as long as they get the otherís permission first. Sveta is fine with this arrangement because it fits her wandering nature perfectly. Vasily pretends to be okay with it, but he is secretly jealous of every man that Sveta wants to hook up with and he rarely has sex with other women. This causes a lot of confusion for other people, because Vasily is alternately possessive and permissive.