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Svetlana "Sveta" Ilyanovich Umanskya

Sveta grew up in an isolated manor, surrounded by a high stone wall where she was privately tutored for her early education. Her father was a high-up in the Russian Mafia, who wanted to keep his wife and child protected from Mafia business. He was also a Garou and wanted to protect them from those associated dangers as well. When she was 9, her father returned home unexpectedly and found her mother in bed with Svetaís tutor. His Rage took over and he slaughtered them both. Sveta only glimpsed the carnage, but she saw enough to know what had happened. Her father spent the next 9 years trying to make up for it, but she never forgave him. He sent her to the best boarding schools until she was 16 and moved onto University. Sveta insisted on getting an apartment on her own and going to St. Petersburg for University. Her father hired a bodyguard to watch out for her, Vasily Roshenko. She eventually won Vasily over and he helped her spend as much of her fatherís money as possible. The result was that Vasily, recently widowed, fell head over heels for her and she developed a shopping addiction that led to credit fraud once she lost her fatherís resources. Vasily taught Sveta how to shoot a gun and she turned out to be quite the sharpshooter. When she was 18, she was in the right place at the right time and helped the Caern take down a BSD wielding a bane klaive with her trusty sniper rifle. She was rewarded with a spiritually cleansed piece of the klaive on a chain. She always wears it, although it causes the moon to affect her moods slightly. Her fatherís idea of a reward was to announce her engagement to his packmate, Yuri, at the celebratory Moot. Vasily and Sveta didnít approve of the match - - Vasily especially, since Yuri was responsible for his wifeís death. Together, they hatched a plan, that involved Vasily driving the getaway car and Sveta breaking out of her fatherís compound (and shooting Yuri in the ass), as well as stealing some of her fatherís money. They made their way out of Russia, stopping briefly in Archangel. There, they ran into a Werewolf hunter named Sergei, who agreed to help them out in exchange for information on Svetaís father and his pack. She readily sold out the man who had killed her mother and the two Russians went on to train with Sergeiís team for a few years. Eventually they got their own team, but it was recently demolished by an ambush attack by one of their targets, a Lasombra named Dimitri Ivanovich Romanov. Now Sveta and Vasily travel with Surgeís team. Sveta sees marriage as her motherís downfall and the whole institution as a way to control women, so although she loves Vasily, she refuses to commit solely to him. She thrives off the attention of others and canít help but flirt shamelessly with everyone. But at the end of the night, she sleeps alone or with Vasily.