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Raymond Richard Dean

Ray might have once been a great ally of the Hunter Team if not for his uncontrolable hate and overwhelming zeal. Ray first met the team when he, his girlfriend, and his mentor, Marcus, came to Surge's aid in defeating a coterie of powerful vampires. A pitched battle followed where 1/3 of the hunters involved died to destroy these creatures of evil. Ray's mentor was one of these deaths, and he still hasn't forgotten. The death of his mentor, combined with the shame of his girlfriend leaving him may have been what finally pushed Ray over the edge. In any case, Ray has become one of the most powerful enemies of the Hunter Team, blaming Surge for the death of Marcus and Jack for the abandonment of his girlfriend. Ray's ultimate goal is the destruction of every supernatural on the planet, but where the Team has limits to what it'll do towards this goal, Ray will stop at nothing and do anything for it. This uncontrolable zeal has been demonstrated on multiple occasions thus far, like when he killed over 100 innocent mexicans in the process of killing EVERY vampire in Mexico City, or when he killed 20 Spanish Military personel in order to frame the Sabbat at turn the full force of the military against the vampires of Spain. Ray has even gone as far as to commit unspeakable acts of horror again Supernaturals the Hunter Team holds dear, raping Vanessa Williams and Skinning Scarlet alive. All these acts and more Ray can justify the same way Spanish explorers justified their conquest of South America: "My ultimate goal is so great that it excedes morality itself in grandure, and my enemies aren't even human, so that morality has nothing to do with them in the first place." The fact that Ray believes every one of his many delusions so deeply, combined with a startling intellect which keeps him prepared for nearly any wrinkle in his plans, is what makes Ray possibly the most dangerous enemy of the Hunter team to date.