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Jack Watson

Jack Watson was that guy in high school that everyone wanted to be. The girls loved him, his grades were great, he was quarterback all four years he was there. These guys usually end up going to college and finding out they were just a big fish in a little pond, not the untouchable stud they believed. Jack didn’t go to college though; he enlisted. Upon finishing boot camp, Jack found he had one more natural talent; he was a God gifted sniper. He could hit shots people only told stories about, 1000 yards in high wind, or so the stories go. In typical Watson fashion though, even the high of bullets whizzing across the battlefield and near death around every corner didn’t prove enough for long. Jack spent the next fourteen years bouncing from black ops assignment to reassignment, and even through the FBI, CIA, and briefly the NSA. After a fourteen-year search for meaning in life and more than one close deaths, Jack finally tired of the adventure and moved into semi-retirement. This, of course, didn’t last for long. Through his many exploits, Jack had come to the attention of Syphon, an enigmatic and mysterious figure who secretly funded one of the world’s most elite hunter teams while keeping his name cleanly out of the way. Syphon approached the now retired Watson and told him how Surge, the leader of said elite hunter team, was in need of new partners after a battle that left the team’s ranks empty. Jack agreed immediately to the offer of helping rebuild the team, not from a hatred of “vampires”, creatures that Jack then saw as nothing more than myths, but from a growing sense of boredom that was becoming harder and harder to shake. Agreeing to take part in this “adventure of adventures”, Jack met up with Julian “Surge” Williams and Johnny Annabelle Walker. Over time, Jack’s views of the world have changed dramatically. Beginning the hunt with the phrase, “You’re going to pay me how much to kill what!?!?” Jack soon learned just how real, and dangerous, vampires truly were. Quickly finding himself out powered by these undead monstrosities, Jack turned to bigger and bigger guns, as many hunters do, but even the cutting edge of technology wasn’t enough to protect Jack from the power of ancients. When Jack was at the point of facing certain death, he learned just why he’d been selected to help Surge above all the others; he was immortal. At the moment Jack finally realized his true power, Surge gained something no bank could put a price on; a loyal partner able to put his life on the line, again, and again, and again… and again... and again. And four years later, though he may lack the personal motivations for revenge that all the other hunters have, he’s still going night in and night out with a partner who’s become a brother Jack never had.