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William "Billy" Henry

William Henry is the newest and most mysterious member of the hunter team. He talks very little about his past to any of the members, except to let people know he really doesnít want to talk about it. What is known is that William grew up in California as a child and late in his teens his family was killed by a pack of monstrous Sabbat vampires. Billy was forced to watch them torture his mother and sisters with no hope of helping them. This is when his powers first manifested and allowed him to slaughter the attackers, though he wasnít able to save his family. The source of these powers is still unknown, though Billyís one time mentor, the late Marcus Gradey, once hinted at their divine origins. Marcus is gone, but Billy keeps up the hunt that Marcus taught him. He now he spends his life trying to avenge their deaths by killing vampires. His sisterís ghost still visits him from time to time though, doing her best to consol her brother's pain and rage. Billy suffers from major intimacy issues due to the trauma of watching his mother raped and murdered, and having a nihilistic death obsessed girlfriend at the time of their deaths didnít help. The team spends a majority of their time trying to convince Billy to get laid, though success on this front seems unlikely at the moment. Billy is quickly becoming a pivotal member of the team, having saved the first mission he went on from utter failure.