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I am the little one… that is, the little sister.  My mother and father were a young couple, innocent graduates of high school who were so madly in love they wanted to secure that in a pact for the rest of their lives.  They were married at eighteen with two kids shortly after, parents before they even hit twenty.  Then, thirteen long years later, another little girl was on the way.  My mother made Rick and Kathy wear buttons with my picture on it to school after I was born; although I was a surprise, everyone seemed happy with it.  They proudly displayed those pins to all their classmates.  I was always babied and often blamed- “The baby did it!” “It was Alyssa, not me!” But it all brings a smile to my face now that we have Kati, my niece, or should I say “my little sister.”  Constantly I would blame her for locking kids in the shed and putting holes in the screen when it was my own fault – it was great to have a younger scapegoat.  Now, my sister is a mother herself and my brother a dad.  We’ve all greatly matured as siblings yet we stay infinitely close despite our distance.

            A dreamer all the way.  When I was a child, I would always play with my Barbie’s and in the sand boxes ‘making apple pies and pizzas,’ but the scene playing in my over-active imagination was far more elaborate than a simple sand box and a shovel.  What you saw was a little girl in a sand box playing with sand; what I was, that was something different.           Previous                 Next