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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust


Run time: 105 Minutes
Rating: R, for Violence and Gore.
Theme: Vampire / Love Story


D is a Vampire Hunter (Why the name D?, watch the first installment to this classic tale) and a Dunpeel (half vampire, half human). He is once again called to duty, this time his enemy is Meier Link, he has kidnapped a young human women by the name of Charlotte Elbourne. D's orders are to bring back Charlotte dead or alive. Easy enough eh? WRONG! Ya see, the people that hired D also hired another group called "The Markus Brothers", and they already have a head start. Will D beat them to the chase? Will he even make it?? Read on to see if it's worth caring for...


Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love Vampire Hunter D, the character, the story, EVERYTHING! I was totally stoked when Bloodlust came out. So I ran out and bought a copy right away, popped it in and what did I see? A beautiful piece of work on so many levels. Great animation, plot, setting, everything is so well rounded! At some points the story takes over more than action, which is fine the first time, but if you watch it again, you may find yourself fast forwarding or dosing off. Everytime you see D on the screen you somehow feel mesmerized by his presence. His cape and outfit got a major upgrade from the first Vampire Hunter D. "The Hand" is back in this one, and is aged...Not sure if that makes sense but a cool change (he has like 4 teeth) and he's funnier than ever, added a much need comic relief. Did I mention it's kind of a love story also? This is simply one of the best animes ever! I love it!! If you don't own it, go buy it now! GO!!

/9 (Almost Perfect) / All in all, just a great buy, you will love it!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga