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Run time: 130 minutes
Rating: R
Theme: Action


"Spriggan, based on the manga Striker, is the story of Yu Ominae. Yu works for a secret organization, devoted to uncovering powerful ancient artifacts, known as ARCAM. When ARCAM discovers Noah's Ark, it suddenly comes under attack by rival group Machine Corps who seem to be specifically targeting Yu for death as well. The battle for the ark ensues and the power to destroy all of mankind is the prize." [info by]


This is a good movie to sit and watch on a Friday night with the one you love...awww...ok its only one of the movies if you like fast pace action films with an awesome story and a spooky kid! oh yea, and you have a hott chick that likes anime...good luck...there is like 2 of them in the world. Anyways, Im getting off track this film is really good and I enjoyed it alot, fast paced action and great plot. If you decide to get this film I highly suggest getting it on DVD and watching the special features. Ok, now that I have said the good stuff...time to rip it. This is a good film, dont get me wrong but this film is a one-time-watch none the less...just not enough there to make you want to watch again.

7 (Bond, Spriggan Bond) / This is a good movie for a one time deal, very good..but just not enough there to keep you entertained more than once.

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