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Spirited Away


Run time: Approx: 125 min, contains a lot of extras with the DVD casing.
Rating: Considering it was released here by Disney, I would recommend this to anyone from maybe 6-10 and up. However, this anime movie does contain animated blood. But anyone 13 and up should have no problem watching this.
Theme: Fantasy


According to the back of the box.
"A young girl by the name of Chihiro is moving into a new house with her parents. On the way there they take a short cut and get lost. They stumble onto a closed theme park. The park is actually a gate way into a different world in the night. By a twist of fate, Chihiro's parents get turned into pigs by eating the food that was not theirs from one of the parks many stands and Chihiro gets stuck in a spirit like world. The only way she can survive is by working in a spirit bath house, save her parents and return to the normal world. She is aided by a mysterious boy who actually tells her what to do to get back to the normal world. Eventually she meets other people that help her along the way. Will she save her parents and get back to the normal world? Only time can tell.."


Wow, I gotta say this is one great anime movie. I would think it is meant for the younger audience but anyone in teen years or older should love it as well. There is really not much more to say, the sound and visual quality is top notch. The dubbing is very good 2 and the characters are all very well portrayed.. Well, u just go and watch it, if u have a sense of imagination you should love it. Sorry for the loss of a big review but there are not may words that can describe how great this anime really is.. So do go out and watch it. or buy it, you would not regret it.

Overall: 10, pure art, Miyazaki does it again. Let's hope he makes more of this kind of stuff.

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