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Red Hawk


Run time: 90 Minutes
Rating: NR, Violence and Strong Language
Theme: Action/Adventure


It is a time of unrest in the land of Chungwon. Camellia Blossoms, a very powerful gang, takes this moment of opportunity and uses it to their advantage and "saves" civilians from the corrupt government. In the Camellia Blossoms lies a secret society called the "Five Dragons". Two brothers, Danlyong and Muklyong are part of this. But Danlyong escapes with a little help from his older brother (Muklyong). After his escape, Muklyong is caught and tortured. The Five Dragons turn Muklyong into their very own "Weapon of Death" Three years later, Camellia Blossoms have taken over Chungwon, but a mysterious man with a mask and a hawk by his side promises to break the threat of the strengthening gang. But he will have to fight Muklyong to do this task, He will have to kill his own brother!


*Yawn* Oh sorry, I just felt a bit sleepy after watching this huge pile of crap. This movie is so terrible. The dialogue is so ignorant it's hard to take it seriously, in the opening scene an old women yells "You douche bag!" and a man says "You sh*t f*cker!". Or something along the lines of that, sorry, I would rewind it to copy it verbatim but the tape is already burning in my fireplace. The story is inconsistent, where did this damn bird come from anyway? For first time anime watchers, you might respect the fight scenes a bit (on the same rank as DBZ), but other than that, this anime fails at everything else. One thing about this movie I do like is the character designs, and the animation isn't bad, but cannot save this title from it's doom. . .

3 (RUUUUN!) / It's awful, not the worst, but definitely not worth anyone's time UNLESS you are very new to anime, it might be worth a rent. . .

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga