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Professor Pain


Run time: 60 Minutes
Rating: 18+, Contains explicit nudity , sexual, and sadistic themes.
Theme: Hentai / Horror


No one ever imagined that Professor Ohse would one day plant bombs all over the school premises... holding students hostage. To make things worse, the professor promptly conducts some special anatomy-related experiments for the class... using the female students as his guinea pigs!


Professor Pain is (no puns intended) really quite painful to watch... especially if you're female. This is without a doubt one of the most sadistic titles I've ever encountered. Profesor Ohse's series of "experiments" starts out with a lecture on the urinary system. He then strips one of the female students and makes her pee in a test tube. If you think that's bad, you ain't seen nothin yet! He proceeds to stick pins and needles in the next girl's private parts (yes, including down there), tie a rope around another girl's breasts and hang her outside the window, etc. He even encourages some of his male students to gang-rape some of the poor ladies.

I would have to give this a 5, story-wise. It succeeded in making me wonder what kind of ending would come of this madness. The visuals are okay, but nothing spectacular. The characters are drawn nicely and I didn't see anything wrong with the animation. Now for the Porn rating I would have to give it a 2...2 for the 2 actual sex scenes throughout this entire hour of beating of.....ER I mean sitting through this.. well..if your into rope..needles..rape..torture..pain..LOTS of it..then look no further.

Reviewed by:

Magus Prime