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Run time: 50 minutes
Rating: NR, Violence,Nudity and Language
Theme: Action


Aliens from the Santovasku Empire will purify Earth by destroying all of humanity. But Santovasku's Princess Kahm had fallen in love with a human named Tetsuya. Her marriage to the earth "primate" would save humanity and this enrages her Emperor father. Kahm is thrusted into an intergalactic battle against the mighty fleet commanded by the conniving Counselor Progress. Progress' true agenda is to usurp the throne but Geobaldi, a fun loving wolfen warrior, and the sexy ( and alot of the time, naked! woot!-Note this is not in the actual thing...I added it :P ) feline Battia aid Kahm in her stuggle before the Empire falls. Will Kahm and Tetsuya survive against the power of the imperial fleet? Enter the fray in this outrageous sexual farce SF anime adventure.


You know, I truly don't think this anime even desires that intro that I just gave it...sadly this falls short of well...everything! its just there! like the Uncle no one ever talks about or the Cousin you keeped locked in the basement and feed water and fish heads. This anime is just basically outrageous humor, but its not funny...I wish it was...I basically just watched it for the boobies...ok, thats a lie, I didn't even know there were boobies in it until I watched it...Anyways.....Its sad, really really sad and I only recommended it to anyone that has already seen everything else! AND I MEAN EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!! or to those with very low IQ's.

3 (Boobies give it a 2 1/2) / Ok, yah it sucked on dry ice like a hooker on a Tuesday...but there where boobies...which takes it from a 1/2 to a 3 yay!.

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