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My Neighbor Totoro


Run time: 86 minutes
Rating: PG
Theme: Fantasy


Satuski and Mei have recently moved to a countryside area of Japan with their Father. Their Mother has been rehabilitating at a nearby hospital and the move was made so that they could be closer to her, as well as to provide a better environment for her once she is allowed to go home. Although Satsuki and Mei were at first frightened by their new strange house, they soon discover that there is a magical presence there. Soon, they meet their new neighbour, a tree guardian named Totoro who lives in the forest behind their house, and together a wonderful adventure begins.


If you have seen Spirited Away, then you should see all of his movies and know that everything Hayao Miyazaki makes is pure genious, and why would this be any different? Then again, not every anime is for everyone but you must have an opened mind. My Neighbor Totoro is a great and fantastic anime inwhich inriches you life after you watch it, I truly believe that Hayao Miyazaki's work is great and I love everything he does from Kiki's Deliver Service to Spirited Away. I suggest everyone see this movie, its not full of action, or language or sexual content. But it is a great movie overall and one of my personal child favorites. Now you may not agree with my review, but guess what? ITS MY SITE!!! wahahahaha

10 (Hayao Miyazaki w00t w00t!) / Alls I can say is poety in motion...

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