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La Blue Girl


Run time: 60 Minutes
Rating: 18+, Contains graphic sex, nudity, and violence...Good times...good times...
Theme: Hentai/Action


Miko Mido is the descendant of the most powerful clan of female ninjas. After her grandmother dies, she is left with the heavy task of keeping the clan's status in check, while at the same time keeping the Shikima away from humans. The Shikima are horny demons who feed on the lust and desires of humans. Miko has to engage in sexual duels not only with the Shikima, but with the rival ninja clans as well. Sex battles where the one who "gizzes" first loses, and the last one to "gizz" wins. On top of all this, Miko is still struggling through high school (wouldnt you know!)...


La Blue Girl has poor designs, even poorer animation, bad pacing, and an inane plot from hell. The "sexcraft" aspect of the story is ridiculous. There's tentacle rape, mutilation, gore, and a variety of other stuff that you definitely don't want to show to your parents. At least the women aren't torn apart and all of them seem to enjoy it anyway. Let's face it, La Blue Girl is not a masterpiece, it's there to satisfy all your basic animalistic instincts. That said, it contains little tidbits of humor (mostly provided by Nin-Nin, the short, ecchi ninja), and even moments of super-deformity which kinda feels awkward with all the rancid stuff happening, but is gladly needed to prevent your brain and other organs from frying while watching this. While the overall story and experience leaves much to desire for, the sex scenes are rather good and are worth rewatching. While the rating won't seem to express it, I'd be lying if I said I didn't "enjoy" La Blue Girl in some weird way :-) Leave the brain at the door, unzip your fly, watch this as porn and nothing else.

I'm afraid I have to give this 2 ratings...on 2 different POV's... As Porn I would give it a 3. Personally...the Tentacles just dont get the willy wonking....But if the slimy 14 foot penises strangely fitting into all the holes suits your fancy, pick this up. Now for a storyline, I'd give it a 6, as compared to other hentai's with NO story whatsoever...this does have somewhat of a story and it does make sense so...yeah, it's not bad..and so, overall Ide slap on a 5.

Reviewed by:

Magus Prime