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Hyper Speed Grandoll


Run time: 3, 30 minute episodes (You do the math)
Rating: NR, Brief Nudity and Mild Violence
Theme: Action/Adventure


Hikaru is just another happy schoolgirl with good friends and a high school crush . . .Or so she thinks. She also loves anime heroes and dreams of becoming one. Her father and mother are the only ones one Earth that know that Hikaru is destined to be something bigger than a average person, maybe even an anime hero so to speak! It turns out Hikaru is actually the Crown Princess of the planet Gran. She was rocketed to safety during a huge civil war. She is the heir of the greatest treasure in the universe, the Gran Royal Armor. When invaders from Hikaru's homeland show up looking for the Royal Armor she is forced to fight to protect the one's she loves and discovers being an anime hero is a lot tougher than it looks!


You've probably never heard of this anime. . .Well what happens when the creators of Slayers (Katsumi Hasegawa) Burn Up W (Toshinari Yamashita) and Virtua Fighter (Hideki Tonokatsu) join hands and create and anime?! GRANDOLL!
Grandoll is a cross between Sailor Moon and Gundam Wing, not really story wise but in little ways. Hikaru is a cute little schoolgirl (Sailor Moon) that controls a big mech (Gundam Wing) . . .C'mon work with me here. All right the best quality of this anime is the animation, it's beautiful! The colors, the character designs and effects, it's all top notch, I love it. The story is good too; I didn't notice any flaws really, flowed quite nicely. The only real gripe I have that pulls this anime down is the dubbing. My god, Hikaru's voice is so high and annoying, it's almost unbearable. Her best friend's voice just doesn't look right on her, and her senior crush (Hikaru is a freshman…typical) sounds like a 5 year old boy. Other than that, this is anime is good, I like it.

7 (Pretty Good) / I love the animation, and it is a definite buy! Well if you can stand a few lovey-dovey moments, but you'll have that when the main character is a whiny brat. AND YES HIKARU DOES GET NAKED! WOO HOO!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga