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Excel Saga


Run time: 24-30 min for each episode, usually around 125 min for each DVD
Rating: usually around 15+ for each episode expect for few which are about 17+. Contains strong language, gore, violence, adult themes, and many other things not suitable for children ay a young age.
Theme: Comedy


The evil Lord Llplazzo is out to conquer the city of F in the prefecture of F in the country of Japan. But this is not without the help of his incredibly crazy minions, Excel and Hyatt. But of coarse, every show must have good guys, and they are the Urban Safety Assurance Agency, headed by an equally crazy man named Dr. Kabapu. This show has pretty much everything one anime fan could ask for (blood, gore, anime girls, evil Overlords, lots of fan service, etc). Well besides our main heroes.. Or villains, the world is populated by many many and many crazy out of this world characters….


This anime is crazy…. That is all you have to know before you watch it. It is so crazy in fact that a lot of American audience will not get some of the humor… which is not a bad thing in some cases… Ahem, well, this show is great in my opinion, it parodies everything including itself and its sequel (Puni Puni Poemi). The cast of characters range from many wild and bizarre people…. To animals, equally bizarre and crazy. You just have to see to believe it. As for the plot, there is not much of it until last episodes of the show. Basically, every ep. Excel and Hyatt get a new mission to conquer the city….. And fail…. This is of coarse approved by the original manga artist (Koshi Rickdo, the person who made the manga which was turned into this anime) at the start of each episode.
Another thing I should mention is the humor (which I sorta did already), its hard to get if you are not Japanese, so the people that did the dubbing made special notes to help you understand. I suggest turning those off at first time you watch an episode and then watch the anime again with them. You will get much more enjoyments out of it. Btw, I thought the dubbing was great, but that is just my opinion. Just enjoy the anime if you get a chance to see it.

Overall: 8 (Pretty damn shibby), great anime but a bit hard to follow, but what kept me going was the sheer unpredictability of this anime. Just make sure you are not offended easily when you watch the final episode…. Its kind of like Puni Puni Poemi… but I wont ruin it for you…. Lets just say its wild… heh heh.

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