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Evangelion Death and Rebirth & The End of Evangelion


Run time: Not exactly sure, does not say on the DVD casing (unless I mist it) but I’d say about an hour each.
Rating: Unfortunately I cannot find the rating either…. *But* this film is bloodier that the TV series, so going by what I said in the earlier review, quote “Since this anime is based on 14 year old children, I would say its alright to watch it at that age… but 15, 16 might be better.. I am not sure of the official rating though.” That seems about right. Theme: Science Fiction mostly. Contains gore, blood, minor adult themes, and other content which is not suitable for young children. As I stated in an earlier review of the TV series, the series contains humor….. This is not so in it’s films, pretty much all of it is depressing all the way through. So…. Yeah, don’t expect to find anything funny in the films (or at least for the most part).


This may contain spoilers for those who have not watched the TV show. Beware.


Well, basically, the end of the show did not happen and this would be the *real* ending. Asuka is still in a comma and Shinji has lost all of his fragile sanity. NERV is on standby after all the angels have been destroyed. This is the time that SEELE initiates it’s final project. The Human Instrumentality. Simultaneously the JSSDF attacks NERV HQ in hopes of securing the Eva units. To back them up, SEELE sends in their production model Evangelions equipped with the copy of the Lance of Longinus. To say more would be spoiling too much. So you will have to watch the rest. On to the review.


Now, to tell you why I put these two films together in one review. You see, they were actually going to be one movie but the big amount of content made the creators divide them into two separate films. Death and Rebirth is basically a recap of what happens in the TV series with a little extra scenes added. The End of Evangelion is the true and ultimate ending to Evangelion. The films seem to be much more depressing than the TV series and contain a lot more confusion and very strange mind sequences. On the other note, the production value of both films is high and both animation and sound are excellent. Also, the End of Eva contains the very thing many fans have been waiting for. A huge battle between Evas. The movies them selves ask even more questions that the ones they answer… Well besides that, this is awesome. So just go and watch it.

Overall: 10 (An orgy in your mouth, can we say "orgy"?)/ I loved it. And if you are a fan of Eva, you will too. Hope ya enjoy. (on a different note, I seem to be giving a high rating to most of my reviews, but you have to realize…. The only anima I buy is either great, awesome, or classic. That is all)

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