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Blood: The Last Vampire.


Run time: 83 Minutes (Includes Documentary on VHS)
Rating: NR, Violence, Gore, Brief Nudity and Language
Theme: Vampir/Thriller/Action


The Yukota Air Force base in Japan is suspected of being a feeding ground for Vampires. On the brink of the Vietnam War, the US has other things to worry about. . .Taking care of this problem. Top-secret agents send in a mysterious girl to do the job. It turns out she is the last remaining original. Will she carry on her legacy? Will she get the job done?. . .READ!


Okay, i'm gonna start if off by saying that this anime is short...Too short for my taste, but it's forgiveable. Even though it's short (Running time of movie is about 65 minutes) it is still a great anime. The animation is top-notch. Some parts have you wondering if the screenshot is real or not. The story is interesting and well told. The main character isn't the prettiest thing. . .but she's just a badass. Using her Katana to defeat some enemies, Awesome! Still, Blood: The Last Vampire only goes to the extreme in one category, animation. It really is spectacular. . .

8 (not averaged) / This anime is eye candy, lots and lots of wonderful eye candy. If you like the screenshots, then go out and buy this, you won't be dissapointed.

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga