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Run time: Series
Rating: NR, Violence, Gore, Brief Nudity and Language
Theme: Action


The nations of Midland and Chuda have been at war for a hundred years. Rising in the battlefield are the Band of the Hawk, a group of mercenaries under the leadership of Griffith, a young and ambitious man. In the Hawks is a soldier and companion of Griffith, named Guts. As the Band of the Hawk grows in power and rank, Griffith comes closer and closer to attaining his dreams...this is the tale of the 100-year war and Griffiths dream, as seen through Guts's eyes.


Okay, i'm gonna start if off by saying that this anime is great, spectacular if you. Its really good and thats nothing to question if you have seen it. The only thing that bugged me though...that damned beginning music! God thats annoying!

8 (Emu says what?) / This anime is basically poety in motion. Easy to understand, follow and love, very very quickly.

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