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Battle Angel


Run time: 70 Minutes (two 35 minute episodes)
Rating: NR, Has slight nudity and violence and mature themes.
Theme: Cyborg / Love Story


Gally is found in a junk yard disassembled. Dr. Ido stumbles across the top half of this cyborgs body. So he rebuilds her (very quickly I might add) and brings her to life again. One day Gally follows Dr. Ido and realizes he is a "Hunter Warrior" and hunts down criminals with bounties on there heads. She wants to do the same and eventually does, finding love on the way. What will happen when she finds out a secret about her love? Will she let him live? Read on for the review. . .


I am gonna split this review into 2 parts for the 2 episodes. The first episode is slow, boring, and has one okay fight in it. It made me depressed for buying it. Then the second episode saved this anime from failing miserably. It was more intriguing, had more action, and was just better all around. Battle Angel is mostly story, and in 70 minutes, that isn't alot of time, oh, and the story isn't even that good. Where did this girl come from?? Basically Gally falls in love with a arrogant dreamer that wants to get to the city above where they live...A city of beauty and power. All in all, Battle Angel isn't bad, but is nothing spectacular, get the low down below...

6 / Battle Angel is just a "okay" title. Gally is one hot babe though, so she instantly makes it better. A definite rent!!PS: I heard that the subtitled version is alot better because the dubbed actors are horrible. I found them to be okay most of the way through...

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga