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Tenchi The Movie 2: ďThe Daughter of DarknessĒ


Run time: 60 Minutes
Rating: NR, Can be watched by almost anyone.
Theme: Adventure/Love Story


One day Tenchi finds a young girl named Mayuka calling him daddy, this isnít something that normally happens. Of course Ryoko and Ayeka are filled with rage and envy as someone new is intruding on their beloved Tenchi. Meanwhile, hiding in the shadows is the Demoness of Darkness Yuzuha, trying to get revenge on Yosho (Tenchiís Grandfather). She begins her plan by using Mayuka to bring Tenchi to the Dimension of Darkness. So once again Tenchi must fight to protect his friends and Mayuka, whether she is his daughter or not!


TDoD is a pretty good anime. I loved the Tenchi Muyo series, wellÖmost of the time. Its goes by quickly but in that short time, you swing through many different emotions. When Ryoko gets serious, itís magic on screen, seeing her softer side is nice. Itís has itís funny moments but basically maintains a serious atmosphere until the very end. It is a good watch, not a huge action packed adventure, but good none the less. If you love anime and looking for a solid title you havenít seen yet, this one may surprise you.

7.2 (Solid) / Not the best, but just good on all accounts, at least rent it.

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga