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Poltergeist Report


Run time: 90 Minutes
Rating: NR, Violence
Theme: Action


As Taken From Back of Box:

“Millennia ago, a devastating war was fought between the Netherworld and the Spirit World – the realm where human souls are judged – for possession of our world. Ultimately, the Netherworld was destroyed and Lord Yakumo, the King of the Netherworld, was banished to the depths of space along with his demonic legions. Emperor Enma of the Spirit World hid the Power Sphere – the source of the Netherworld’s energy – where he hoped it would never be found again. He was dead wrong.

Now thousands of year later, the Netherworld is all but forgotten – until the Land of the Dead is laid to waste. Botan, a lone messenger, escapes to Earth in search of a spiritual investigator named Yusuke – one of five guardians from the Spirit World imbued with awesome, supernatural powers. To save the Spirit World, Yusuke and his allies must team-up against Yakumo’s Demon-Gods for possession of five, elemental sites – reservoirs of mystical energy.

But time is running out. Lord Yakuma is dangerously close to reclaiming the lost Power Sphere. Once he has the Power Sphere in his possession, our world will become the new Netherworld….”


Poltergeist Report is the movie based on the Yu Yu Hakusho series. Its not the whole series wrapped up into 90 minutes (obviously), but just a movie by itself. I saw it before I saw the series, but thanks to Toonami I get to check that out every weekday now, good stuff, Okay now to start my praising. . .

This anime is definitely in my top 5. It might give you that tingling sensation that you start to feel when you get excited or mad while watching a movie, you know what I’m talking about right? There are tons of emotions in PR, and you can feel all of them. As for the story, it’s good and makes sense, I like how they explained exactly what happened a few thousand years ago. Animation. . .Some parts are outdated (1994 though, just deal with it) but others are very nicely drawn and animated, a definite upgrade from Yu Yu Hakusho, especially the fight scenes. Some of the dialogue is cheesy at times, but hardly noticeable. Then there are the wonderful fights, oh god, every one of em’ is so good. Poltergeist Report by far has the best boss fight I have ever seen. . .And with that, I’m done.

9.2 (Yah, it’s good. . .) / Poltergeist Report is one bad ass, emotion filled punch straight to the face! Buy!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga