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Right now I have 5 reptiles that I keep as pets.  Reptiles can make great pets.  They are clean, quiet, and easy to care for (for the most part).   We also have a Green Cheeked Conure.  Hope to have pics of it soon.

You can click on the pics to bring up more pics of each animal.

I have 2 Mali Uromastyxs.  They have only been captive breed since about 1999.  They are a very active and personable lizard.  They need a very dry environment, so dry in fact, that they do not have a water dish in there cage.  They originate from a very arid area of Afghanistan and the surrounding area. 

Uromastyxs pics

Fred and Ethal

I have right now 3 snakes.  One is a Puebleon Milk Snake, and the other two are Ball Pythons.  The Milk Snake right now is still young, and small.  He can be a quick little devil, but should calm down once he gets some size on him.    The first Ball Python  (Gewnivere) is a four foot long adult female.  She should not get much bigger than that.  She is a real joy to hold.  She has been known to fall asleep in my lap.  The second Ball Python (King Arthur)  was a rescue believed to be a male.  He is a bit thin, and flighty.  He is gaining weight and calming down.

Puebleon Milk Snake Pics


Ball Python Pics



King Arthur

King Author