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Here is a list of my favorite world wide web links.  Keep checking back, these I'm sure will change.  This website is provided by Paul Dobbins.    Those of you that trap will know this name as his father was Charlie Dobbins.    Paul is a great guy, and I think the world of him.   On this site, you will find anything and everything to do with trapping.  It is a great bunch of people there, and always willing to help out a new guy.  If it was not for these guys, I would not be near the successful trapper that I am now. 

Virginia Department of Fish and Inland Fisheries  Here you can find a full list of all hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The best FREE email provider that I know of.  Great place for info on reptiles large and small.

The New River Wireless Association  This is the radio group I am a part of.