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"After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources____ General Robert E. Lee, April 10, 1865
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General Order No. 9, General Robert E. Lee's Farewell Address to the Army of Northern Virginia
General Order No. 9
General Lee's Farewell Address
to the Army of Northern Virginia
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This part of my site is to show yet another part that my family played in the great struggle we all know as the "American Civil War", the "War between the States", the "Second American Revolution", or the "War of Northern Oppression".

On the 10th of April, 1865... General Robert E. Lee gave his famous farewell address to his proud but humbled army, the Army of Northern Virginia. This address is known today as "General order No. 9".

The photo on the left is courtesy of Stratford Hall Plantation, Robert E. Lee Memorial Association, Inc. Their site can be visited at

Norman Bell was from Norfolk, Virginia. He served in the Army of Northern Virginia as a clerk at General Headquarters. While serving here, Norman Bell was assigned the duty of transcribing General Robert E. Lee's now famous General Order No. 9 - Farewell Address to the Army of Northern Virginia.

He was to make twelve copies but made an extra copy for himself, which was signed by Gen'l Lee. Norman Bell, shortly after the Civil War, presented this 13th copy to his sister, Margaret Soutter Bell.

Norman Bell's parents were Alexander Bell and Margaret Soutter. Alexander Bell and Margaret Soutter had several children: Robert Soutter Bell (21 Mar 1834, Norfolk - 18 Jul 1905); Alexander Taylor Bell (12 Dec 1835, Norfolk - 14 Feb 1913, Norfolk); James Nicol Bell (9 Aug 1839, Norfolk - 26 Jan 1890 Norfolk); Douglas Bell (25 Jan 1841, Norfolk - May 1898, Baltimore); Margaret Soutter Bell (25 Jan 1843, Norfolk - 26 Oct 1920); Norman Bell (30 Aug 1844, Norfolk - 20 Oct 1916, Norfolk); Thomas Knox Bell (28 Dec 1845 - 30 Nov 1895).

Margaret Soutter (13 Nov 1806, Nofolk - 28 Mar 1881, Norfolk), Norman Bell's mother was the daughter of Robert Soutter (3 Dec 1772, Dundee, Scotland - 21 Jul 1812 Norfolk, Va) and Margaret Taylor (1778, Forfar, Scotland). She also had a sister, Jean Soutter.

Jean Soutter married Thomas G. Broughton, Jr. Our Great Great Great Maternal Grandparents, Thomas G. Broughton, Jr. and Jean Soutter were the parents of Thomas Bell Broughton, born in 1838.

Thomas Bell Broughton (1838, Norfolk, VA. - 20 Oct 1899, Norfolk, VA) married Hasseltine (Hattie) Lindsay (1841 - 14 Apr 1914, Norfolk, VA) in 1865. Our Great Great Maternal Grandparents. They gave birth to Martha (Mattie) Shelbourne Broughton (29 May 1867, Norfolk, VA. - 1 Aug 1922, Norfolk, VA).

Martha (Mattie) Shelbourne Broughton married William Nimmo Ghiselin (18 Feb 1862, Norfolk, VA - 27 Jan 1931, Norfolk, VA) in 1896. Our Great Maternal Grandparents. They gave birth to Elizabeth Agnes Ghiselin (15 Jul 1900, Norfolk, VA - 01 Apr 1960, Norfolk, VA) our Maternal Grandmother.

Elizabeth Agnes Ghiselin married James Ralph Smith, Sr. (18 Jun 1904, Dalton, GA - 4 July 1989, Norfolk, VA) July 29, 1929. Our Maternal Grandparents. They gave birth to our Mother, Doris Smith (25 October 1933, Norfolk, VA).

Doris Smith married John Arrington Strickland, Jr.(25 Jan 1932, Norfolk, VA - 13 May 1989, Denver, CO) October 8, 1950. Our parents. On August 8, 1951 they gave birth to John Arrington Strickland, III. Then on July 8, 1953... gave birth to Randolph Strickland, Sr. (yours truly). Then on September 21, 1960 gave birth to Timothy Paul Strickland, Sr. Last but not least, on November 2, 1963... gave birth to Gary Duane Strickland, Sr.

So, there you have it... a Proud Virginia Family, proud of our ancestors and their part in the experience and the growth of this Great Society we call AMERICA.

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