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Awards We Have Won
We'd like to thank those who have taken note of our efforts here.
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Family-Friendly Site
Rec'd 24 Sept 98
Infantry Regiment Award
Rec'd 30 Oct 98
Rebel Yell Award
Rec'd 09 Nov 98
Order of Merit Award
Rec'd 30 Nov 98
Minuteman Award of Excellence
Rec'd 08 Dec 98
Award of Excellence
Rec'd 23 Dec 98
Cyber Reenactor Award
Rec'd 02 Jan 99
Heritage Plantation Award of Excellence
Rec'd 10 Jan 99
1999 Winner of Historic Site Award
Rec'd 20 Mar 99
Site of Excellence Award
Rec'd 30 July 99

Civil War Web Award
Rec'd 11 Aug 99
"The Virtual CSA Purple Heart Award"
Issued to: 2nd Lieutenant George R. Smith, of the
18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Co. H "Rowland Highlanders", who was wounded in the service of the
Confederate States of America on 02 May 1863 near Chancellorsville, Virginia.
(How To receive this award, Get your own medal, or Confederate POW medal)
visit the "Virtual CSA Purple Heart Award" Website.

Southern Patriot Award of Excellence
Rec'd 07 June 2001

My Home Page
8th Georgia Infantry Web Award
Rec'd 12 June 2001
1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, CSA 2001 Excellent Site Award
Rec'd 03 Jan 2002
9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Fighting Tigers Award of Excellence
Rec'd 03 Jan 2002

Jackson Light Artillery Nice Site Award
Rec'd 22 June 2002
Nelson Sharp Site Award
Rec'd 10 March 2003
9th Georgia Infantry Award
Rec'd 18 April 2003