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The Battle of Fredericksburg Dec. 11-15, 1862

Fredericksburg, VA

For more historical information on the battle please refer to the National Park service Fredericksburg Battlefield web page.

Prospect Hill

This gun is located at Prospect Hill.


The train in this picture is using the same railroad line that was present during the battle.  Union soldiers would have been seeking cover on this side of the tracks during the time of the battle.  This shot was taken on the southern end of the battlefield near Prospect Hill.

This is a photo of Prospect Hill from the Union perspective. 

This was taken from behind the Rebel gun pits at Prospect Hill. Prospect Hill is located at the Southern Tip of the battlefield.

This was taken from one of Rebel gun pits at Prospect Hill facing north. Federal troops would have advance from the left. Most of the trees, with the exception of the ones on the right, would not have been present for the battle.


Meade Pyramid

The Meade Pyramid Marks the location of the Federal breakthrough during the fight for Prospect Hill.

Hamilton's Crossing

This is Hamilton's Crossing, the last stop north along the Confederate supply line from Richmond. It's located at the foot of Prospect Hill

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