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The Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-13, 1862 

Fredericksburg, VA

For more historical information on the battle please refer to the National Park service Fredericksburg Battlefield web page.

Visitor Center

This is the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitors Center

This is my favorite flag in the park. It stand's in front of the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitors Center. (this one's for you Elsa)

Sunken Road & the Stonewall

This is the original portion of the stonewall.

This is the Innis House. It served as a sharpshooters nest during the battle.

This is the intersection of Mercer Street and Sunken Road. The wall across the street is the original portion of the stonewall present during the battle.

This is a historical marker located at the northern tip of the Sunken Road.

This photo was taken from the northern end of the Sunken Road.  There was a movie being filmed that day.

This is another shot of the movie being filmed. 



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