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Welcome to the Design Team's Graphics Page!

Personal Pages Websets

We are always working on websets. These sets are designed to work together and give a site or page a themed look. We will be adding more sets as they are completed so please, check back often. The following link will take you to the websets that are available for personal use. These sets are LINKWARE. Please include the code in the Text file on the pages which use our graphics please, right click on the link below and save target as (be sure to save it as a txt file):

Copy and paste this code into your pages that use our graphics.
You may change the color and font of the text but not the content.
This code should appear similar to this on your webpage:

Graphics provided by The Design Team.
We've got designs on you!

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The Design Team also does all original custom graphics for your business or personal site. Please, email us so we can get started on YOUR designs!

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Most designs are made in Paint Shop Pro and using Print House and Ray Dream Studio. All other images were created by The Design team or were manupulations of public domain graphics. Please, be advised credit has been given to artists when possible. If you feel YOUR art has been used without proper credit or permission please, contact us today!

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