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Emily Calle Emily Virkus
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Welcome to Em's Page

In 2001, ran (& finished) the Baltimore Marathon. I learned that marathons are not really a good idea, and I have no plans to do that to myself again in the future.

Pam, Greg & Julie were my running buddies. Their pages are more ambitious than mine and include photos of us training.

Find out more about my wedding.

Wedding Pictures!

Honeymoon pictures

Other than that, I'm still working at MITRE which is a research and development, not for profit company in Northern Virginia as a Senior Software Applications Development Engineer.

I'm living in McLean, VA with Dan and our five cats: El Nino, Bastet, Jedi, Tybalt & Tinker,
and our Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Bailey.

I also have two horses, Cricket and Ellie

Dancing (at Arthur Murray in Tysons Corner) has also become a ridiculously large portion of my life. I work there about 20 hours per week, and put in about 8 extra hours of practice every week (and that doesn't count time at the gym).

I also offer ballroom and latin dresses for sale.

My family is all doing really well. Amanda has graduated from Towson University and is working in Baltimore.
Adam is working at the Olney Ale House.
Pete is managing at the Ale House and teaching me to play golf (photos coming sometime).
Jo is in the 8th grade at John Poole Middle School.
My mom is working for Remax Realty. If you want to buy or sell a house, let me know, and I'll let her know.
My dad and Sam are doing well & living in Poolesville.

If you're here because you know me drop me a note in my guestbook (if I haven't talked to you in a while, make the message private and leave me your address and/or phone number). If you're here for some other reason, say hello if you feel the need....
Read my guest book! Sign my guest book!

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This page last updated on 30 June 2005.

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