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I love to write, and read, of course when I find the time. I love My Music, can't go without it. I listen to all types, except country since I grew up on it and not really into rap or heavy metal. I am a HUGE fan of Richard Marx, Social Burn, Local VA Budweister True Music Band Copper Sails, Luckytown, Virgil, July For Kings, The Calling, Tonic, Shades Apart, Splender, Headrush, Acceptance, Staind, Jon Secada, as well as Many others. Also Number #1-P.M. Dawn-I Got to see them in Concert for the FIRST Time on September 26, 1998!!! Woohoo. But hey..to each his own. I am working on a dedication page to them also. PM Dawn

Check out the NEWEST Update on my PM Dawn page from the GREATEST Guy who keeps me up to date, Brian, at The Infinite Dedication


Check out my NEWEST edition, my PM Dawn Magazine Page

My Fun Link to Quiz Page!

Check out my almost family Va True Budwieser Music Band Copper Sails

SOON to come is dedication possibly my Second Favorite Band of all time. They are on tour now, check them out at Dishwalla

I am working on a page coming up to a awesome band I am totally addicted to for years now (ALTHOUGH they are broken up). Great vocals, damn good lyrics, and just a extradionary band-
July For Kings!

Check out my Socialburn page

Make sure to pick up their Album, WHERE YOU ARE

I have been creating a few webpages dedicated to some personal favorites of mine. One of my favorite television shows was Felicity. Felicity

Check out one of my Tonic page

Check out one of admiration for a now disbaned Group Splender Dedication page

Check out a Great new band, HeadRush!

Check out my page to another music favorite of mine Richard Marx!

Here is my Las Vegas Trip page

I also have a great Page dedicated to one of my favorite cartoons, Rainbow Brite Cartoons

I put a lot of hardwork into this one. I couldn't forget the 80's cartoon JEM

Check out one of my STAIND page

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