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My Dedication

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new from The Infinite Dedication

PM Dawn's upcoming album.....

PM Dawn is hard at work on their new album "The Jim Sullivan Syndrome" it is tenativly called. This album will be released by a record label & will be available in stores. If you check out The Infinite Dedication you can download samples from the new album. They have FINISHED recording. They hope to have it released by mid to summer of 2004! You can watch the video for Amnesia & LISTEN To the next single from the cd "Under the Bridge"

As of November 2004 the guys are still hard at work on getting the cd released, but there has been no release date as of yet. Thanks for all the emails. I always welcome questions and fans!!



You can find it On-Line or Check out Tower-thats where I found mine!

I know many people are still looking to get their hands on F*@ked Music. Unfornatly due to legal issues the album will no longer be for sale again. As for getting a copy of it, well that is impossible. The fans that were able to get their hands on it are very solid on not wanting to copy it due to Prince Be's request. Sorry guys!!!

I am a HUGE fan of P.M. Dawn. I have been following them for years. I think they are the most wonderful band!! The lyrics are the most wonderful words ever created. I find so much to relate to in their lyrics and find peace, happiness, and meaning in them.

I have had the honor of on September 26, 1998 seeing them perform in Ornaco Park in Alexandria, Virginia. They were giving a benefit performance for the National Kidney Foundation. I was right in front, singing along with every song I knew and taking roll upon roll of film. After the show I was able to talk to one of the roadies who informed me they "might" sign autographs. I was then in line, and the first I might add! To my great highten happiness I was able to MEET them. I got to thank Prince Be & JC both for being SUCH an inspiration for their work & giving me something to hang on to & realize how speical my life & otheres were. I also recieved BOTH of their autographs on my Jesus Wept album & take a picture with them. That has been on the BEST moments I can remember! well right alone with the fact I can call Be a Wonderful & a friend!!

Come chat & chill with us at PM Dawn Chat Forum

A Really great guy Jason, Sainthax, created a server which he sponsers & so nicely lets us chat on. He was so kind for his dedication to PM Dawn & letting us chat there. So stop by, join, chat, or just say Hi. Most Importantly I want to send a person thanks to J for doing such a Kick butt Job!!!

I am going to work on getting more info put up on the Band, along with lyrics, links, etc. So Just keep checking back!! :)

I just recently got to hang out with Prince Be end of 2003. Check out my Pictures

I am also working on a Lyrics page of PM Dawn's Music. I am doing some work of my own, along with the help of Brian & His EXCELLENT Homepage!!
The Infinite Dedication Apparantly there is a site owned by someoone at but there is no site there. We've been trying to find out about that for a long time.


Here is a breakdown of my Collection

Check out my NEWEST edition, my PM Dawn Magazine page Magazine

I Love a LOT of their songs, but here are a few quotes from some songs.

"I'll be a witness forever, see I've always known...its convincing all these chambers there's no danger in being alone...."
"Ask the white dove...It kisses your entrance to my mind every time.."
"Sometimes I Miss You So Much...."
"I don't whatever you want to me...I'm almost horrible person you know...I agree"
"It's all so disappointing....the way you show me mercy..."
"Falling Leaves and Broken Hearts..I beleive you are the you notice streaks of blood..interrupting all the pain..Perish the thought..of loving you is loving blind.."

I WILL be adding MANY more of those!!

If anyone has the lyrics, correctly, and would like/allow me to post them I will give you due credit and add them to my page.

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