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Directory of
Graphic Sets By Peace Manor


Fabulous Forties Barbie
Far Out Barbie
Masquerade Barbie
Sophisticated Lady Repro Barbie
Victorian Bear Barbie

Beanie Babies

Wallace the Scottish Bear
Britannia the British Bear


Annette Funicello's Napoleon the Sorbet Bear
Roses Bear
Boyds Bears - Friends on Lawn Chair Reading
Boyds Bears - Bunny Angel with roses
Boyds Bears - Noah's Arc Design Team
Boyds Bears - Bunny


Take Time To Smell The Roses Bunny




Patriotic Furby


Fall Horses
White Horse


Made Just For Nancy

These graphics have been made by Peace Manor Creations. If you would like to use them for your website, please take the logo below and link it back to this site. It would be greatly appreciated if you would do so, since I've worked very hard on these graphics. Also, please email me (use form below) with your website address that you used them on. I would love to drop by and see them! I will place a link from my site to yours also. Web Sets are also available on page 47.

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A Touch of Graphics

This Peace Manor Linkware Graphics site owned by Wendy

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